SHOCK NEW PIX: Hollyoaks CAR CRASH leaves lives on the line

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In tonight’s E4 episode, Misbah Maalik makes a decision that will affect the rest of her life, when she has to choose which of her children to save: son Imran or daughter, Yasmine.

Following the horror collision with Tony and Diane in the tunnel, Yasmine and Imran are trapped inside the car whilst the rest of the Maaliks manage to scramble to safety.

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A lorry comes speeding towards the Maaliks car ©Lime Pictures

However, as the two children wait to be rescued they can smell petrol leaking and start panicking.

Channel 4
Tony is screaming for help as the lorry aproaches ©Lime Pictures

Meanwhile, Harry, who's on the run from the cops.

He calls an ambulance for Diane but Tony orders him to leave before the police arrive and arrest him. Harry refuses but when Diane speaks up to tell him to go, he bids an emotional farewell.

Misbah attempts to rescue her kids ©Lime Pictures

Tony holds Diane in his arms and declares his love to her before she closes her eyes and Harry hears Tony scream for help…

The lorry smashes into the Maaliks car ©Lime Pictures

With Imran and Yasmine still trapped, Misbah rushes to save them but they notice a lorry heading their way.

Can MIsbah push Yasmine clear ©Lime Pictures

Misbah is given seconds to make a choice of which child to rescue whilst Yas and Imran desperately scream for help.

The car erupts into a ball of flames ©Lime Pictures

As Misbah grabs Yasmine’s hand and attempts to pull her to safety, the lorry crashes into their car which becomes engulfed in flames with Imran inside.

Who is going to get out of the carnage alive?

Watch the drama unfold all week on C4 at 6:30pm and E4 at 7pm


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