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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 25 June - Fiday 29 June

In Hollyoaks next week Cleo McQueen attempts to beat her bulimia but it's not long before her demons begin to surface.

Elsewhere an old friend of Harley's pops back into her life but will he cause trouble for her?

Romance may blossom for Milo Entwistle as Damon Kinsella steps in to help him ask a girl out for a date and Goldie McQueen is up to a lot of mischief... at Jesse's expense!

Imran's domestic abuse towards his mum Misbah takes a horrific turn for the worse and while Tegan Lomax is allowed to finally leave the hospital, the Nightingale family try to convince James to visit Alfie.

Check out all of next week's spoilers below...


Hollyoaks Spoilers Week 26 2018 - STACKED

Hollyoaks Cleo McQueen Joel Dexter1 of 13
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Cleo McQueen attempts to beat her bulimia

Last week it came to light that Cleo McQueen had relapsed and was secretly battling bulimia, this week Joel decides to help out and focus on his girlfriend's health. He starts off by buying them both fitness watches so they can go running together. Things kick off to a good start and Cleo is confident she'll beat her bulimia however she hits a brick wall when she later discovers just how little calories she's burned off from her run.Will she open up to her friends and family or will she suffer in silence?

Hollyoaks Harley2 of 13
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Harley's friend pops back into her life

An old pal of Harley's turns up at The Bean next week and when he tries to persuade her to go back to him, she tells Ron to leave her alone.What does he want?

Hollyoaks Holly Cunningham3 of 13
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Holly Cunningham tries to get through to Damon Kinsella

Last week Holly Cunningham and Damon Kinsella had a huge misunderstand about committing to each other and next week Holly begins to worry while her O/H thinks they're getting married. Just when she's about to tell him the truth she walks into The Dog and finds congratulations banners and balloons.Eek!How will she get herself out of this one?

Hollyoaks Milo Entwistle4 of 13
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Romance in the air for Mile Entwistle and Liberty Savage

Next week Milo Entwistle tries to impress Dirk's daughter Liberty but it soon becomes clear that he's absolutely clueless. Brody Hudson overhears the pair having a conversion and after spotting how Milo is embarrassing himself he gives him advice – just ask her out.

Hollyoaks Milo Entwistle5 of 13
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Hollyoaks Milo Entwistle

After going home to tries to ask Liberty out but ends up inviting Cindy Cunningham and Dirk Savage out!

Hollyoaks Liberty Savage6 of 13
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Hollyoaks Liberty Savage

Later on, Milo asks Brody to feed him lines through an earpiece when he's out for lunch with Liberty but when things go from bad to worse, Brody is forced to step in and help his pal.Will Liberty discover what Milo's up to?

Hollyoaks Goldie McQueen7 of 13
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Goldie McQueen gets a new look!

Next week Goldie McQueen decides she needs some money and decides to visit Donavan's salon for a moustache wax. After giving her the treatment, Jesse turns his back and sneaky Goldie pretends Jesse scarred her and demands compensation – eek!

Hollyoaks Goldie McQueen8 of 13
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Hollyoaks Goldie McQueen

After Courtney compensates Goldie, she's surprised when she realises Jesse doesn't have any money to pay her back.

Hollyoaks Maalik family9 of 13
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The domestic abuse in the Maaliks household takes a horrific turn

Football coach Buster Smith holds a fundraiser for a team trip to Barcelona. He asks Ollie Morgan to help his out setting stuff up and while Luke's son agree, Imran Maalik asks his mum for the deposit for the trip but she tells them they can't afford it.

Hollyoaks Maalik family10 of 13
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Hollyoaks Maalik family

To prevent another argument, Misbah gives her son her credit card to buy himself a pair of football boots, however the teenager takes things a step too far when he buys alcohol instead. When Misbah discovers her son's actions she cancels his trip to Barcelona and Ollie – who convinced him to buy booze – is kicked off the team by Buster. Later a furious Imran throws a hot cup of tea over his mum!

Hollyoaks Maalik family11 of 13
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Hollyoaks Maalik family

Despite her arm being badly burnt, Misbah frantically cleans the house in preparation of her judgmental Aunty Kameela's visit. When she arrives in the Oaks, the Maalik family dodge her questions but when it comes to light that Imran tried to buy alcohol, Kameela accuses Misbah of being too liberal with her children.

Hollyoaks Ste Tegan Lomax12 of 13
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Tegan Lomax isn't too keen to leave the hospital

She's been in hospital for months – after Ryan Knight tried to kill her – but next week she's finally allowed to leave the hospital and unfortunately, she's not happy about it. Meanwhile Ste Hayes and Leela try to bring her round to the idea and decide to bring her daughter Rose to visit her in the hospital in the hope that she'll to come home.

Hollyoaks JAmes Nightingale13 of 13
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Will James Nightingale visit Alfie?

The final spoiler of the week surrounds the Nightingale family; next week Marine and Ellie Nightingale visit James and tries to convince him to go and see Alfie but things don't go according to plan. Later on, when James goes through the village, he bumps into Ste and accuses him of framing him.

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