Hollyoaks Spoilers: Luke Morgan’s drinking spirals out of control

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 18 June - Friday 22 June

Following all the drama that will air this week in the Oaks, Hollyoaks is set to get even more interesting next week.

The Morgan family face the risk of being kicked out of the business with their pals as Luke' continues to drink. Elsewhere Ollie is left freaked out as his football coach Buster Smith makes a move on him.

Marnie Nightingale is upset as a result of all the drama that's recently happened, Nico Blake tries to escape from her mum Sienna and Damon Kinsella and Brody Hudson open up their own business.

The McQueen family face more drama when they discover Cleo has relapsed and is battling her bulimia - who will be able to help her?

Also, Harley struggles with her new job and viewers will be on the edge of their seat wondering whether Leela Lomax and Louis Loveday will leave the village for Hong Kong!

Check out all of next weeks spoilers below...


Hollyoaks Spoilers Week 25 2018 - STACKED

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Luke Morgan's drinking spirals out of control

The week in the Oaks kicks off with Mandy and Luke Morgan embarrassing Ollie Morgan following a huge row in front of the village. The poor teen is left furious and to be honest we don't blame him.

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Hollyoaks luke

Later on, Luke rocks up to work but it's all too much for him (after all, he found out his wife was having an affair) so instead of doing his job he takes a bottle of champagne and heads home to drown his sorrows. Things take a turn for the worse when Darren, Nancy, Tony and Diane begin to think about cutting Mandy and Luke out of the business.Eek!

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Buster Smith continues to groom Ollie Morgan

It's not long before Ollie turns up at The Dog flat and asks Buster for a lift to the trials, unbeknownst to Mandy, Luke or the school. His football coach persuades Ollie to do some stretching but the atmosphere changes when he closes the door…In the next scene a freaked-out Ollie rushes out.

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Hollyoaks luke

Following the previous incident, Ollie quits the football teams but Luke tries to persuade him to give it another chance, will he be able to get over what happened to him?

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Hollyoaks luke

Things get even worse for the Morgan family when Ollie's bus is about to leave but a drunk Luke turns up with bananas. After trying to climb onto the bus he falls over – throwing the bananas everywhere – will anyone be able to help him?

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Marnie is upset with her family troubles

Marnie Nightingale is upset following all the drama from the previous week and while James becomes a recluse following his arrest, Alfie is in hospital as a result of his mental health battle.

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Nico Blake tries to escape from Sienna

We still can't believe that Nico Blake has actually returned from the dead and next week it seems the evil teenager is eager to escape from her mum. It all begins while Sienna plans to sell Warren's flat and move in with Nico and the baby.

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Hollyoaks Sienna Nico

Sienna's still got her daughter locked in her bedroom but after she decides to teach Nico to knit, the teenager hides a needle up her sleeve – what is she up to?

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Hollyoaks Sienna Nico

Viewers don't have to wonder for too long as it soon becomes clear she's trying to break out of her bedroom – will she escape?

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Damon Kinsella and Brody Hudson open up a business

Best pals Damon and Brody are opening up a pop-up cinema at the boxing club but their plans don't go accordingly as they soon discover there's been a leak. Luckily, Cleo McQueen and Joe Dexter are around and tell them to hold it at the garage instead. As Brody heads to The Hutch to sell tickets for the event to Mandy, Luke wrongly assumes he's flirting with her…

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Cleo McQueen relapses

She's reunited with her love Joel Dexter but unfortunately viewers will soon discover that she's relapsed and is battling bulimia. It all becomes clear that Cleo has been purging and lying to both herself and Joel when she writes in her food diary whilst surrounded by food wrappers. Joel then tells Cleo (who is quickly trying to hide all the chocolate bars and wrappers from him) that his ex-girlfriend Sienna tried to kiss him. He then discovers his O/H's secret when he picks up Cleo's coats and sees that her pockets are stuffed with sweets and chocolates.

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Hollyoaks Cleo McQueen

Myra soon discovers that Joel and Sienna kissed and jumps to the conclusion that it's his fault Cleo relapsed. However, a distraught Cleo feels guilty that Joel has taken the blame for her bulimia and spills it all out to Holly Cunningham.

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Harley doesn't cope with her job

Harley and Peri Lomax turn up for their shift at the cinema but after Brody sends them to get changed into the outfits he has for them, it soon becomes clear that Harley isn't dealing well. Not only is she not coping with the job but also that Brody and Damon tell her what to do…

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Louis Loveday to leave Hollyoaks?

Next week it looks like Louis may leave Hollyoaks after a friend of his rings and offers him a teaching job in Hong Kong for the summer. Later on, Louis secretly books his flights to Hong Kong and then plucks up the courage to ask Leela to join him – will she leave her family behind?

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Holly Cunningham has a big decision to make

It's a big week for Holly Cunningham when she decides she wants to do a psychology course, but she worries Damon won't want her to start studying again. Zack Loveday then persuades Holly to ask Damon to confirm his commitment – what will Damon say?

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