Hollyoaks: 29 most shocking deaths EVER

Hollyoaks residents deaths sure are grisly

Hollyoaks deaths

by Katy Brent |

If there was ever a soap known for the grisly, grim or just plain gruesome way its characters met their maker, then it’s definitely Hollyoaks.

From intentionally snipped parachute ropes, to random flying bus doors, Chester is the one place in Soap Land where you’re likely to meet a hideous and quite frankly, untimely death.

And horrendous deaths aren’t just limited to the evil characters in Oaks, no, no, no – plenty of innocents die in the most awful ways imaginable.

So there’s something to help you sleep sweetly tonight...

And here’s a bit more with our list of Hollyoaks’ most shocking deaths of all time...

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29 of Hollyoaks most shocking deaths EVER

Hollyoaks shocking deaths
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Sarah Barnes
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If you had to imagine the worst possible way to die, we're guessing that realising your parachute is duff (mid jump) would be high up there. This is exactly what happened to Sarah Barnes back in 2005. While Sarah was in a relationship with her friend Zoe Carpenter, a jealous third party, Lydia, tried to cut Zoe's parachute ropes so she could have Sarah to herself. Oops, Lyds got the wrong 'chute and Sarah plunged to her death.

Maddie Morrison
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Maddie was Hollyoaks City College's resident Mean Girl, before she found love with Callum Kane. Sadly, Mad's sins caught up with her when she drove the fateful exploding minibus of hell. She cheated death after the initial crash/explosion – only to be hit in the head by a flying bus door moments later. That's karma for ya.

Nico Blake
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The moment our hearts truly opened to Sienna Blake was when she watched her twincestuous daughter die before her eyes. Nico's final words to her mama? "I hate you." Nico, who was already a serial killer (despite only being a school girl), burned to death in a maze in last year's 'Oaks Spooktacular.

Joe Roscoe
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The ultimate nightmare of a fairground ride breaking down while you're on it is the very reason our ferris wheel days are over. But Joe and Mercedes McQueen were lucky when a cherrypicker came to usher them to safety from the Big Wheel at the Hollyoaks Spooktacular . Or they would have been if Joe didn't slip and break his neck.

Max Cunningham
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First man of Hollyoaks, general 'Oaks legend and probably has a bench named after him somewhere in the village, Max Cunningham (Tom's big bro) looked like he'd finally found happiness with his new wife, Steph Dean. But when he pushed Tom to safety out of the way of a speeding car, he was hit and died at the roadside – still in his wedding suit. Sob!

Warren Fox Louise Summer
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Another wedding day death, this time it was lovely Louise who didn't stick around long enough to open the wedding pressies. After discovering fiancé, Warren Fox, was having an affair with her bridesmaid, Mandy Richardson, Lou planned to shoot Warren and frame Mandy for it. Only Warren discovered her plan and smothered her to death. She was preggers at the time.

Texas Longford
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Yet ANOTHER wedding day disaster – basically, don't get married in Hollyoaks guys. Texas had been tricked into marrying Will Savage after he faked being paralysed after he threw himself down some stairs, letting Texas believe she pushed him. Tex was actually in love with Will's brother, Dodger, and planned to leave with him, but guilt made her marry Will. She was pushed out of a window on her wedding day and after a big WhoDunnit story, it was revealed it was Will. Poor Texas.

Callum Kane
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Unlucky Callum was stabbed through the back with a samurai sword – obvs – while he was attempting to rescue Esther Bloom from a deranged stalker. It was even more shocking because, a few months earlier, he had a near miss with an armed robbery gone wrong.

Ziggy Roscoe
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Another weepy, Ziggy had just saved Leela Lomax from Killer Cameron's gas explosion. It looked like he escaped with just cuts and bruises and viewers were looking forward to him spending the rest of his life with his true love, Tegan Lomax. But it wasn't to be. Sadly, Zig suffered internal injuries and passed away while sat in a chair, dressed in a Santa outfit. Tegan found him and thought he was asleep at first. One of Oak's saddest deaths ever.

Lynsey Nolan
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Lovely Lynsey was pals with Cheryl and Brendan Brady. She died after being strangled by murderous GP, Dr Browning, when he discovered she was about to expose Mercedes McQueen's lies about stabbing herself. She was discovered by Brendad, who thought she was just having a little sleep on the sofa, but he soon realised she was dead. Lynsey's death was a total shock as Hollyoaks hadn't revealed she was leaving.

Riley Costello
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Poor Riley had just realised that his true love was Mitzeee Minniver and was on his way to tell her when he got caught in the cross-fire of Brendan Brady's feud with undercover cop, Walker. He took a bullet meant for Brendan and died. Weep.

Tina McQueen
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Blown up in an exploding church by a secret brother you didn't know about? Sounds legit. That's how rarely-mentioned-these-days Tina McQueen left the soap. She'd been kidnapped and tied up in the church by local vicar, Niall Raffety, who was actually the baby Myra McQueen had given up for adoption years before. Niall packed the church with explosives and detonated them.

Carmel McQueen
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One of Hollyoaks' most popular characters, Carmel died when a train the McQueen family were on for cousin Porsche's wedding crashed into Sienna's car which was on the tracks. While rescuing Theresa McQueen, the train exploded and Carmel was left trapped and with fatal injuries. She passed away while Myra told her a fairy tale. Gruesome and so, so sad.

Steph Dean
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Steph's death is up there with the saddest too, already dying from cervical cancer, she rescues Amy Barnes and Leah and Lucas from a burning building. They survive but Steph tells her new husband, Gilly, that she's ready to die and walks back into the flames.

Rae Wilson
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Rae was beaten up and strangled by serial killer Silas Blissett because he didn't like the way she had casual sex. Silas tried to frame Brendan Brady for the murder because he memorably had beef with Rae.

Rhys Ashworth
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Unlucky Rhys had not one, but TWO deaths in Hollyoaks. His first death was when Maddie Morrison's minivan crashed into the wedding venue where Ste Hays and Dough Carter were getting married, along with Cindy Cunningham and Tony Hutchinson. Trapped under a fallen girder, he had ruptured an artery and bled to death before an ambulance could get to him.His second death came when he returned as a symptom of Cindy's bi-polar. They planned to leave Hollyoaks together, but Rhys was hit by a bus.

Will Savage
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It was suspected that weird Will was immortal after miraculously surviving two roof-top falls and a major explosion. But evil Will was one of the victims of the Glove-Handed-Killer and a fatal injection saw the end of him.

Doug Carter
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Sweet Doug was killed off when Sinead O'Connor unwittingly brought a bomb into his and Ste Hay's leaving party. D'oh. Doug rescues Sinead, then attempts to save Ste but they get trapped in the building. Ste is rescued by emergency services but Doug died from internal injuries.

Nathan Nightingale
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Nathan's shock death came just as he discovered his fiancée, Lisa, having an affair with his dad, Mac. An almighty row broke out and Mac shoved Nathan away from him. Nathan then tripped on a toolbox and fell off the scaffolding to his death.

Amy Barnes
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Hollyoaks legend Amy was brutally murdered earlier this year, just after marrying Ryan Knight. It's still not clear what happened on the night of her death, but Ste Hay is currently facing trial for her murder.

Lindsey Butterfield
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After being unmasked as the Glove Handed Killer, it was only a matter of time before karma caught up with her. She was murdered by Hollyoaks' other notorious serial killer, Silas Blisset, when he discovered she'd been cheating with two brothers – he didn't like promiscuous women and strangled her.

Patrick Blake
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He wasn't the nicest character to have lived in Hollyoaks, but being suffocated by his own grand-daughter, while he was terminally ill with motor neuron disease, was a bit harsh. Nico killed him when she discovered he had evidence of her confessing to killing Carly Bradley. So he had to go.

Clare Devine
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Evil Claire was responsible for many deaths during her time in the village, including Doug Carter, Leanne Holiday and Ash Kane, when she detonated a bomb made for Mercedes. She met her grisly end when Mercedes pushed her in front of a car.

Lily McQueen
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After cheating on her husband Prince McQueen with Romeo Quinn, Lily felt guilty and began to self-harm to cope with it. She then ran away with Romeo and changed her mind at the last minute and returned home to reunite with her hubby but tragedy struck and she died after contracting sepsis.

Frankie Osborne
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Hollyoaks viewers were left devastated in 2017 when Frankie Osborne died from a suspected stroke. During the Hollyoaks High explosion Frankie attempted to reunite with Jack Osborne but collapsed home alone.

Dirk Savage
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We're still devastated that the beloved Dirk Savage was killed in a shock accident. Following an altercation between Dirk and Milo, Dirk fell into the swimming pool and when Milo tried to turn on the lights to save him it ended up killing him.

Tegan Lomax
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Things appeared to be going well for Tegan who had finally reached an agreement with Diane and Tony Hutchinson to co-parent Dee Dee and Rose. However following a storm Tegan was hit by a tree and later died in hospital. Her death led to Ste Hay joining the far-right extremists.

Russ Owen
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Russ Owen had only just returned to the village after getting engaged to Mercedes McQueen but things went downhill for him when his affair with Goldie McQueen came to light. Viewers were stunned when it was later revealed that serial killer Breda McQueen had killed him.

Kyle Kelly
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Hollyoaks fans were left devastated when Kyle Kelly ended his own life after secretly battling with depression.

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