Emmerdale Spoilers: There’s a shock stabbing as Ross and Robert’s feud gets HELLA serious

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Ross Barton and Robert Sugden's feud is about to have serious consequences after a shock stabbing in Emmerdale

There is going to be a shock stabbing in Emmerdale next week after the on-going feud between Robert Sugden and Ross Barton reaches boiling point. They've never really been drinking buddies, but their rivalry has peaked over recent weeks as Ross has tried to blackmail Robert over his secret baby with Rebecca White. But Robert has sworn revenge on his arch enemy - and if we were Ross, we'd take those threats seriously.

Ross Barton Robert Sugden
Robert crushes Ross' car (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Next week, Robert, with the help of hubby Aaron Dingle, steals Ross' taxi. And then they crush it with the car crusher at the scrapyard. Oh dear.

Ross then retaliates by stealing Robert's car. Come on, now boys. This is all a bit childish, isn't it? It gets even worse when Robron discover Ross and Finn are involved in a secret cannabis farm.

This leads to Robert and Aaron stealing the cannabis plants and popping them through the wood chipper. Ouch. It gets worse when the real dope farmers arrive back on the scene and discover their plants gone.

Finn Barton Emmerdale
The dealers shunt a car off the road (credit: ITV) ©ITV

They threaten Finn that he needs to help them get their plants back - or else. Gulp. While they're driving around, the dealer spot Emma's car and deliberately shunt it, thinking Ross is inside.

A fight breaks out as the dealers force someone out of the vehicle and the driver ends up getting stabbed. Is it Ross? Or has an innocent party been caught up in the feud?

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