Robron fans are so angry about Rebecca White’s pregnancy, they’ve started a petition!

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Die-hard Robron fans were never going to be happy about Rebecca White's pregnancy - but we didn't think they'd go this far!

Life isn't easy if you're a Robron fan, nope. The poor things are forever having their patience tested by the Emmerdale bosses as they see more and more drama being lobbed at their favourite ship. There's been prison, everything with Gordon, Robert killing Katie Sugden. And now THE BABY. As everyone now knows, Rob's former fling, Rebecca White is currently pregnant with his baby.

Robert Sugden Aaron Dingle Emmerdale Rebecca White
Nope! (credit: ITV) ©ITV

The Robron army were never going to accept this news well. Never. Loads of them have taken to social media already to demand Emmerdale bosses undo the damage they've done.

They've pleaded to make Bex disappear, to make the baby Ross Barton's and there's even been calls to make the whole thing a dream - (why not? Dallas did it.)

Robron Aaron Dingle Robert Sugden Emmerdale
Robert cheated when Aaron was in prison (credit: ITV) ©ITV

And now someone has actually started a petition! OF COURSE THEY HAVE! A very passionate Robron fan called Amanda Rooney, has started a petition on, calling for the storyline to be scrapped.

It's already got 124 signatures, with Robron fans from as far away as Canada signing it. When it reaches 200 signatures, it will be sent to Emmerdale bosses at ITV.

Talk about people power. To see the petition, click here

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