Evil Emma Barton is starting to lose it as Laurel pushes her even further


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Emmerdale viewers have been waiting for evil Emma Barton to get her comeuppance for being so nasty and killing her own husband, James.

But loveable Laurel has swapped her usual daft niceness for the demeanour of a determined sleuth recently, and has been onto the killer for a while.

After Emma made out that Laurel was going crazy and was back on her alcohol addiction, Laurel changed tact, and pretended to call a truce - nearly making Emma admit to her what she had done.

However, since then, Emma has begun to crack - especially as her son Finn found incriminating evidence against her.

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He has been sniffing around, trying to work out what his mum is up to as his natural instincts are telling him that something is wrong.

This has caused Emma to buckle under the pressure - but not break - and she has tried to make things better by attempting to make friends with Laurel.

Unsurprisingly, Laurel is having literally NONE of it, and remains dogged in her attempts to bring Emma to justice.

She even tries to ruin Emma's chances of working part time in Bob's shop next week...

Laurel tries to convince Bob that Emma is bad news (Credit: ITV/ Emmerdale) ©ITV/ Emmerdale

But things will all fall apart for Emma in scenes set to air next week - especially as actress Gillian Kearney is set to leave very soon...

Will Laurel's refusal to back down cause Emma to spiral even further?

Will you be tuning in next Tuesday to see what happens to Emma? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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