The net is closing in on Evil Emma Barton as her son Finn finds incriminating evidence


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Is Evil Emma Barton about to get her comeuppance after killing her husband James Barton when her son Finn finds some incriminating clues?

We were really hoping that last night's hour-long episode of Emmerdale would be Emma Barton confessing her crimes, being put in prison FOREVER and Laurel being forgiven by everyone for her recent strange actions.

But that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Thankfully, it doesn't look like it's going to be too long until the truth FINALLY comes out.

Finn asks his mum about a note he found in her stuff (Credit: ITV/ Emmerdale) ©ITV/ Emmerdale

Emma's son Finn has been going through her things after overhearing some things which have left him more than a little worried, and when he presents the note to her that he found, she's visibly shaken.

But quick-thinking Emma puts on the waterworks, admitting it was written by James but becoming so upset that it causes her son to leave it. FOR NOW.

Later on, he overhears Emma telling Leyla that she doesn't have her wedding dress anymore from the fateful day.

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Finn doesn't believe that she doesn't have the dress anymore, but Emma explains that she destroyed it - blaming James' relationship with Moira.

Sure, THAT'S the reason.

But Finn just won't let it go, and demands that Emma explains the timeline of events after she found out about Moira. She admits that she WAS on the bridge after all - but will she confess any further?

Emma is NOT happy (Credit: ITV/ Emmerdale) ©ITV/ Emmerdale

Or is she going to bump off her own SON?!

Surely not...

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