Amazing pictures show the old Corrie set completely DERELICT


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Coronation Street fans, look away now - these photos of the old set four years after it was abandoned may deeply upset you...

Most Corrie viewers didn't notice a difference between the new and old sets when the soap moved from the Granada Studios in Manchester to its new location in Salford.

But the old set, which was built in the 1960s, is now decrepit and unloved, with weeds growing through the famous cobbles and the Rovers Return being all boarded up.

Rita's Kabin has fallen into a state of disrepair (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media
The Rovers Return has been totally boarded up (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media
Kevin would be ashamed to see his business in this way (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media

The old site is due to be bulldozed for development after serving as a tourist spot for a short time where fans of the show could go and walk round the street.

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The photos were taken by urban explorer Mark Andrew, who told the Daily Mail: It looks really old and there's been a dramatic change. It looked a right state - dirty and run down. There are no cobbles there and I am not sure what is being done with it."

The residents of the street would NOT want to be living in these conditions (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media
Soon the alley will be completely overgrown (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media
Someone hasn't been taking care of their weeds... (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media
What a sorry sight (Credit: MEN Media) ©MEN Media

Demolition crews moved into the site in March, but these photos are making people wonder whether it really is being torn down after all.

The site was bought in 2013 by Manchester Quays Ltd, who are planning to build flats, offices and hotels on the old site.

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