SPOILER: Is THIS how Lauren Branning will leave EastEnders?

Fans fear the character will be murdered

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After hearing that one of the best-loved characters in EastEnders, Lauren Branning would be leaving the soap, fans have been desperate to find out how she's set to go.

But if recent events in Albert Square are anything to go by, Jacqueline Jossa's character could see a very dicey departure.

Fans fear that Lauren could be murdered after a recent episode showed Luke warning Josh that he would "hurt" Lauren if she didn't keep out of his business.

Eastenders Lauren and Abi Branning

After discovering what happened between Luke and Ben over Project Dagmar, Lauren started hunting for answers, quickly discovering why the boys were so cagey.

But Luke wasn't best pleased with her behaviour and swiftly took it out on Josh.

Holding him up against a wall, he could be seen telling his brother, "Keep your girlfriend out of my affairs otherwise I will hurt her."

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Viewers swiftly took to Twitter to vent their concerns, with one fan tweeting, "I take it thats the end of Lauren? #EastEnders."

Another wrote, "Lauren in #EastEnders now knows too much. Will she manage to stay alive till Christmas ?"

Little does Lauren know, her father is also involved in Project Dagmar.

This could get interesting...

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