There’s a good chance Robron might be leaving Emmerdale for good and NO ONE CAN COPE

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Emmerdale fans were left devastated when Robert Sugden revealed he and Aaron Dingle should leave the village

It's been a rocky year for Robron fans, what with Aaron's prison sentence, his drug habit, the self-harm. And then there's Robert's betrayal with Rebecca White and the resulting pregnancy. But at least they've always been on our screens. So no wonder, everyone had a bit of a panic last night when Robert, desperate to win Aaron back, suggested they leave the village - and all it's drama - behind them. Noooooooo Robron! Don't leave us!

Aaron Dingle Emmerdale
Aaron almost fell back into drugs (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Rebecca's pregnancy has been taking its toll on vulnerable Aaron and on Tuesday's episode, it was revealed that he's been self-harming and almost fell back into drugs.

Last night (Wednesday) we saw Robert discover the wounds on Aaron's midriff, where he'd been hurting himself as he struggled to come to terms with the baby.

Aaron Dingle Robert Sugden Emmerdale
Aaron is struggling with the pregnancy (credit: ITV) ©ITV

A shocked Robert suggested they move away as a way of saving their marriage. He said to Aaron: "We go. We move away, we never have to see Rebecca or that baby. We go and we never look back."

WATCH: Robert discovers Aaron's self-harming secret (credit: ITV)

Fans flooded Twitter with messages, devastated that their fave 'ship could be moving away.

While the thought of an Emmerdale without Robron is beyond devastating, it does leave them open to the possibility of a SPIN OFF!

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