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Emmerdale christmas storylines

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Emmerdale has had an outstanding year, don't you think? From Robron reuniting, Andy Sugden's great escape to the mammoth soap week that was flawless, clever, dramatic and kept us on the edge of our seats.

After the show's successful year, you're in for a right treat this festive season - as show bosses prepare to continue the drama right through to Christmas and New Year.

Woooo hooooo!

What time is Emmerdale on this Christmas?

Monday 19 December - 7.00pm

Tuesday 20 December (Ashley Thomas' special episode) - 7.00pm

Wednesday 21 December - 7.00pm

Thursday 22 December - 7.00/8.00pm

Friday 23 December - 7.00pm

Christmas Day - 5.45pm (60-minute episode)

Boxing Day - 7.00pm

Tuesday 27 December - 7.00pm

Wednesday 28 December - 7.00pm

Thursday 29 December - 8.30pm

Friday 30 December - 7.00pm

Make sure you don't miss a thing!

Fancy some lil' Emmerdale spoilers? Read right on:

Ashley Thomas' dementia storyline continues

Emmerdale christmas storylines

Last year, viewers watched in awe as actor John Middleton took on the storyline and harrowing portryal of a man living with stroke related early on-set vascular dementia, a condition that is only becoming more relatable in today's society. His character, vicar Ashley Thomas, has seen his dementia rapidly worsen in recent months which has seen his wife Laurel struggle to cope with his condition.

And with things getting worse by the day, with even more bombshells rocking the Thomas family, will John still be home for christmas? Or will Laurel make the heartbreaking decision to send him into a home.

Emmerdale have filmed a special one-off episode dedicated soley to Ashley's dementia, that has been carefully crafted and edited to make the viewers feel like they are seeing things from Ashley's point of view.

The episode will be shown before christmas but we can't tell you the exact date. YET.

Iain Macleod, the show's series producer, explained the concept behind the episode:

"People living with dementia face challenges most of us can barely imagine. So, I took it as a challenge to help people picture this experience - to put them inside the mind of someone living with this condition."

A happy Emmerdale Christmas?

Given Emmerdale has thrown so much drama at us this year, bosses have teased a 'lighter Christmas' is on the cards. Usually, viewers are used to huge bust-ups, shock deaths and the introduction of major new storylines - but things might be different this year.

"Christmas is very Christmassy this year. We wanted it to be slightly fluffier, although that's not to say it won't have its own dramatic twists and turns," says Iain.

And on the topic of the new year, he added: "Emmerdale, week on week, continues to be really dramatic. I would struggle to say there is one particular week that is any more or less dramatic."

Barton bombshell

Will evil Emma Barton admit this Christmas that she was the one responsible for her husband James' death? Not likely, given that she managed to decieve a courtroom full of people by telling them another devastating lie - that James was depressed in the run up to his death, hinting that he took his own life.

But will the cracks in her lies begin to show?

Another Barton who's in for a nightmare is Moira, who Cain is determined to win back. But with Emma hanging around, the pressure soons mounts. After a horrific year, just how much more will she be able to take?

Big Dingle family affair

Emmerdale Dingles house

When Closer took a trip up to Emmerdale farm to get all the inside Christmas goss, we were told that this year will be a huge Dingle family affair - where they will all enjoy Christmas together.

But how long will that last? And will there be more heartbreak in store for Lisa?

Zak and Lisa Dingle to reunite?

After Zak and Lisa share a smooch, and with Belle trying to settle back in - AND Joanie organising plans for them both to leave the village - tensions are rising, particulary for Zak who has a huge decision to make.

With so much history together, will Zak and Lisa's kiss stay secret for long?

We doubt it...

Dingle christmas

Kerry Wyatt's downward spiral

Poor Kerry, things just aren't going well for her at the moment. And guess what? Things are only going to get worse over the festive period...

She's been on a path to self-destruction since splitting up with Dan and, as her outrageous behaviour continues to have knock-on effects on others, will she manage to pull things back? Or will she hit rock bottom HARD?

We'll have to wait and see...

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