Hollyoaks spoilers: Juliet Nightingale’s life left in DANGER

She has her suspicions about Timmy

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Hollyoaks viewers have been well aware that Timmy Simons has been keeping a close eye on Peri Lomax and stalking her for the past few months and next week Juliet Nightingale exposes him... but it doesn't end well.

Timmy and Fergus Collins have been watching Peri in the secret video in her bedroom for months and their involvement has led to Peri and Juliet being at odds.

Next week begins with it dawning on Juliet that her girlfriend has a stalker... As she keeps her eyes on potential suspects it doesn't take her long to accuse Timmy - but will Peri believe her?

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juliet makes a shocking accusation ©Lime Picures

And it appears that Juliet's accusation doesn't go down well with Timmy because he ends up pushing her down the stairs - is this the end of Juliet?

Meanwhile Olivia accidentally tells Goldie McQueen about Prince McQueen's secret, Shaq Qureshi is determined to find out the identity of his dad and Mandy Richardson heads out on a date.

Plus Charlie Dean and Ella Richardson prepare to have sex and Luke Morgan and Tony Hutchison go on the run.

Hollyoaks: Monday 27 September – Friday 1 October


Hollyoaks spoilers: Juliet Nightingale's life in DANGER

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hollyoaks juliet

When Juliet and Peri decide they need to trust one another, it dawns on Juliet that Peri might have a stalker... It doesn't take her long to put two and two together and realise it's Timmy - however he discovery results in him pushing her down the stairs.

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hollyoaks timmy

Timmy panics and tries to cover his tracks and pays Juliet a visit in hospital... Later he frames someone else for his crimes - but will he get away with it?

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hollyoaks prince

Prince wants to tell his mum about moving to New Zealand but before he can, Olivia accidentally blurts out the truth. Goldie goes to extreme lengths to ending Prince and Olivia's works but a minor detail gives her plan away.

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hollyoaks shaq

Shaq continues to hunt for the true identity of his dad but when Misbah realises what he's up to, she gets herself involved in his plan... Things take a turn for the worse when Misbah blurts out that his dad is dead but at the end of the week, the truth is finally exposed.

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hollyoaks mandy

Ali makes a move on Mandy - but what are his true motives? It's not long before Mandy and Ali prepare for a date but when Misbah finds out what's happening, she warns her friend from getting involved with Ali.

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hollyoaks ella and charlie

Charlie and Ella prepare to slept together for the first time but when Nancy discovers what the teenagers have planned she decides to send Ella back to live with her mum.

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hollyoaks luke morgan

Luke and Tony go on the run and discuss the wedding. While Tony suggests getting wedding insurance, Luke has other ideas and is determined to marry Cindy the following year.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

It was just last month that Sienna Blake, Liberty Savage and Brody Hudson finally thought they were rid of Summer Ranger but it turns out she survived the gunshot.

And it turns out that this week Summer is back in town and ready for revenge.

It all begins when DS Cohen explains that there's been a new development in the case and they believe they've found Summer's body.

However things turn tense between Brody and Sienna when they realise it's not Summer body and a drunken Warren Fox implies he's slept with Sienna.

Their week takes even more of a turn when Summer lurks in the shadows with a gun armed at Sienna.

Will the residents manage to free themselves from Summer or will she cause even more trauma?

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