EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater is BACK

And Jean Slater has news to tell her

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Earlier this year Stacey Slater left Walford and went to prison after being set up by former BFF Ruby Allen but now she's back.

Next week EastEnders viewers will see the iconic character return and reunite with her mum Jean Slater.

Unfortunately Stacey is still in prison and there's even more bad news in store as Jean has a huge update to tell her...

Meanwhile there's drama between the Carters and Highways, there's love in store for Kathy Beale and Dana Monroe is physically assaulted.

Plus Denise Fox discovers Sheree Trueman's plans to move to Trinidad, Janine Butcher is tempted to return to the dark side and Dotty attempts to apologise to Tiffany Butcher.

EastEnders spoilers: Monday 20 – Friday 24 September 2021


EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater is BACK

eastenders stacey1 of 7

eastenders stacey

The week begins with Jean visiting Stacey in prison and telling her she's been charged regarding the drugs... Elsewhere, Ruby Allen makes a harsh decision and it leaves Martin Fowler at breaking point.

eastenders mick2 of 7

eastenders mick

There's war on the Square because while Linda Carter is certain Mick Carter will be the baby's legal father, Rainie Highway goes to drastic lengths to expose the truth... By the end of the week, Stuart Highway threatens Mick for trying to jeopardise his family.

eastenders harvey and kathy3 of 7

eastenders harvey and kathy

Harvey Monroe asks Kathy if she's truly interested in him and she decides to come clean and softly reject him. Later on in the week, Kathy and Rocky rekindle their romance.

eastenders bobby dana harvey4 of 7

eastenders bobby dana harvey

Bobby Beale professes his love for Dana and tells Harvey that he will protect her. Later, a group of men physically assault Dana while a helpless Bobby watches on.

eastenders patrick sheree5 of 7

eastenders patrick sheree

Denise is shocked when Sheree admits she's trying to sell the house so she can move back to Trinidad with Patrick Trueman and Issac Baptiste.

eastenders janine6 of 7

eastenders janine

Scarlett Moon is stunned that her mum Janine has remembered it's her first day at school. After Kat Moon tries to encourage Janine to get a job, she's rejected all over the Square. Before long Dr Cole tries to entice Janine to try to their scam again...

eastenders dotty tiffany7 of 7

eastenders dotty tiffany

Dotty tries to put things right with Tiff but it looks like their friendship is well and truly over.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on EastEnders this week...

Janine Butcher has only just returned to EastEnders but she's already caused a lot of drama and this week she finds herself trapped alongside Scarlett and Tommy Moon in the Mitchell house.

It all begins with Janine finding Scarlett with her brother Tommy, but when he locks the door and throws the key away - they're trapped in the burning house...

Meanwhile, Phil wakes up to flames surrounding him and he begins to struggle to breathe.

When Kheerat Panesar and Gray Atkins spot the fire at Phil's house they rush over but before long an explosion goes off - will they make it out alive?

Elsewhere in Walford Jean Slater is taken in by the police over a possible drug offence, Linda Carter's water breaks and Tiffany Butcher gives Sonia Fowler an ultimatum.

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