EastEnders Spoilers: Will Louise be killed at the school prom?

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Disaster is set to strike Walford’s Prom night – but is Louise Mitchell killed at the teenagers' big night?

Louise could be in trouble with the Square’s resident bullies, Alexandra and Madison, and it looks like they could be coming for her at the school prom.

And if the new EastEnders trailer is anything to go by – she is in real danger.

When the two cunning schoolgirls attacked Bex Fowler again, Louise decided to stand up to them and it seems her act of bravery has landed her in the firing line for their next evil stunt.

The bullies take things too far (*Credit: YouTube/BBC*)

Alexandra and Madison are out to ruin the night for everyone, and it seems that they’re focusing their revenge on Louise.

‘All them prom dresses, all that hair – would be funny if someone messed it up though, wouldn’t it?’ the girls can be heard saying from a balcony.

Louise and Bex excitedly get ready for the night with their dates, Travis and Shakil, unaware that their night is about to become hellish…

In the newly released trailer, Louise is lying on the floor in agony following the attack and it looks like she may have been pushed from a balcony. As her friends look on in panic, it’s Keegan telling her fellow bullies that things have gone too far this time.

The trailer finishes with a distraught Bex sat wrapped in a blanket in a hospital leaving viewers asking – what happened to Louise? Did the bullies push the teenager to her death? And how will Phil deal with the girls that have put his daughter’s life in danger?

All will be revealed in the coming episodes – and we can’t wait...

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