Will EastEnders ever be the same after what goes down at the PROM??

Shakil, Bex, Louise and Travis EastEnders

by Katy Brent |
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Those EastEnders bullies, Alexandra and Madison, are out to wreak havoc at the prom. But what happens leaves the community shaken

The kids of Walford High are ready to celebrate prom night, but bullies Madison, Alexandra and Keegan are out to ruin it for everyone - but just how far will they go? The night gets off to a good enough start with Louise Mitchell and Bex Fowler going to the party with Travis and Shakil as their dates. The lads are pretty chuffed when they see the girls looking gorge.

Shakil, Bex, Louise and Travis EastEnders
Bex and Louise glam up (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Louise, having overcome a same-dress disaster earlier in the day, is hoping for the night of her dreams, while Bex wants to put the troubles of the year behind her.

Bex Fowler is attacked by bullies (credit: BBC)

But Alexandra and Madison are determined to ruin the night for everyone - but even they are left shaken by how far things go.

Shakil, Bex, Louise and Travis EastEnders
The girls are prom ready (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Along with Keegan, they start the trouble, but it isn't long before everything starts spiralling into chaos. But what exactly happens and who will be affected?

Shakil, Bex, Louise and Travis EastEnders
The calm before the storm at the prom (credit: BBC) ©BBC

We can't tell you (obvs) but it's a night no-one will forget in a hurry.

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