THE SECRET’S OUT! Mick is stunned by Linda’s bombshell news in EastEnders


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The Carter's marriage hits the rocks when Mick disocvers the whopping secret his wife has been keeping

There’s a major ruckus in the Carter abode this week when Linda finally comes clean with Mick and tells him she’s been battling cancer! Not surprisingly her other half is gobsmacked and tensions between husband and wife soon reach an all time low.

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Viewers found out weeks ago that the real reason “L” had been staying with her mum Elaine was because she discovered she had cancer but wanted to protect Mick from the truth. But while she kept her hubby in the dark, she DID open up to Woody and also more recently, to Jack who has urged her to tell Mick the truth.

The truth is finally out as Linda is forced to tell Mick about her cancer (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

The worried mum was hugely relieved when she was given the all clear at hospital but next week, she’s sent into a panic when some of her original symptoms start to re-emerge. She confides in Woody who once again insists Linda tell Mick what’s going on. Stubborn Linda refuses and instead tries to book an appointment at the hospital but when she’s told there’s a five week wait, she’s in bits.

Mick can't believe his wife has shut him out (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Struggling to hide her fears, Mick is well aware something’s up with his wife and when he presses her to tell him what’s wrong, Linda finally cracks and spills out the truth.

Her hubby is totally stunned. How could she have kept something so massive from him and just to make matters worse, when he discovers that Woody has known for a long time, he feels doubly betrayed!

An anxious Linda clutches her medical records (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

It’s not long before the accusations are flying as an incredulous Mick has a pop at Linda for shutting him out of her life. When he also finds out Jack knew, he starts to think he’s the only one in Walford who Linda HASN’T told. Can the couple patch things up? Will Mick soften and be supportive or is this latest wedge between the Carters going to get even deeper. We have to say, it’s not looking good for the landlord and the lovely L.

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