MURDER!? Yikes. Is Max about to finish Jane off for good in EastEnders?


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When Jane comes out of her coma, a plotting Max is alone by her hospital bed. Is he about to silence her once and for all?...

Plotting Max has already tried to bump Jane off once by leaving her to perish in the blaze at Beale’s restaurant but sadly for him, Ian’s other half is like a cat with nine lives…she’s still hanging on in there.

Ian has been keeping vigil by his wife. And a scheming Max is keeping a very close eye on her too! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Having been in a coma for weeks and suffering from severe smoke inhalation, next week Jane finally opens her eyes for the first time since that fateful night. And who should be her side? It’s Max!

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Ever since Steven failed to finish off the job, and Jane lived to see another day, the jittery Branning has been stewing about how much Jane can remember about the fire that nearly claimed her life?

She’s already worked out that Max is planning revenge on all of Walford following his wrongful imprisonment for Lucy’s murder – which is why Max is so keen to shut her up - but does she also realise he was also behind the plan to turn her into a little pile of ashes on the floor of Beales!?

Is Max going to seize the opportunity to silence Jane...forever! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Ian has been keeping vigil by his wife’s bedside and Max has been practically glued to his side. When Squeale is called away and has to return to the Square, Max sees his opportunity to silence Jane, who’s on life support, once and for all. However things are about intensify when Jane suddenly regains consciousness.

As Jane opens her eyes for the first time in weeks and with just her and Max in the room what’s going to happen? How much does she remember about the night of the fire? Is she about to speak out? Or will Max go in for the kill and seize the opportunity to finish her off before she can expose him and his ruthless revenge plan?

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