Emmerdale viewers think Moira is pregnant by her NEPHEW Pete

Emmerdale Moira Barton Pete Barton

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Emmerdale fans think they already know the father of Moira Barton's baby

We were all shocked last night not from James Barton's ghost's appearance or that huge barn fire in Emmerdale but when Moira surprisingly announced that she's pregnant.

Yup. We didn't see that one coming.

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This week it's all coming to a head in the Dales with killer Emma Barton and it's about blooming time. The evil resident who pushed her husband James (who she had drugged for weeks) over a bridge killing him is hopefully about to get her comeuppance.

WATCH: Moira Barton reveals she's pregnant to Emma...

Emma has kept her dark secret from everyone and although a few people are aware of her crime no everyone knows. Earlier this week we saw Emma finally confront Moira about her secret affair with James but it wasn't long before a fire broke out and the pair were trapped in a barn.

Just when we thought we reached the peak of the Emma/Moira/James storyline, a fire broke out and Moira revealed not only was she pregnant but that her water had broken.

Yes, really!

Emmerdale Moira Barton Pete Barton
Last year Moira and Pete slept together (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Shortly before the explosion in the barn, Moira admitted she was going into labour. She told Emma: "I think I'm having a baby."

At the end of the episode it seemed that Emma was going to leave Moira and her unborn child to die in the fire. As if she couldn't get any worse…

Emmerdale Moira Barton Emma Barton
Emmerdale viewers were shocked when Moira went into labour in the barn (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Lots of people have guessed that Moira's nephew is the person who got her pregnant. If you cast your mind back to last year, Moira slept with Pete approximately nine months ago when she was grieving her daughter Holly.


Some people took to Twitter and revealed they think Pete is the baby daddy. One person wrote: "Is Moira preggars with Pete's baby?? @emmerdale"

Someone else commented: "Moira is pregnant? Is it Pete's? #emmerdale"

Another said: "Maybe Pete is Moria's baby's dad, didn't they have a bit of a thing a few months ago 🤔 #Emmerdale"

Emmerdale Moira Barton Emma Barton
Will Moira and Emma make it out alive? (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

A fourth added: " If Pete is the dad, I'll vomit #emmerdale"

One more guessed: "My money is on Emma killing Adam and then Pete killing Emma to save Moira after she reveals she is pregnant with his baby #emmerdale"

So much speculation.

It's been confirmed by soap writer Sharon Marshall on This Morning that either Pete or Cain is the baby's dad – so who will it be?


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