PARTNERS IN CRIME! Mel and Phil team up in EastEnders but what’s their game?


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The pair get together but what are they plotting?

Former foes Mel and Phil end up working together next week as they both come under pressure to protect their children.

Phil has got a sneaky hunch that his offspring, Ben, has scarpered with the booty from Aidan’s robbery, (good hunch Phil, you’re bang on!), and when he finds out Mel is back in town and is also on the hunt for the loot, he decides that two heads are better than one.

A worried Mel confides in Phil that it’s not just an AWOL Ben who could be in danger, her own son Hunteris under threat from Ciara, Aidan’s ex-wife, because of the missing money.

When Mel turns up on Phil’s doorstep and explains the threatening situation, at first a gung-ho Phil is adamant that he’s going to deal with Aidan and Ciara himself but Mel soon talks him round and the pair realise they’re better off uniting and forming a team.

Mel warns Phil that Ben's life could be in danger ©BBC

With the clock ticking, Phil is under pressure to track down Ben ASAP and keep him out of the frame, meanwhile Mel is desperate to retrieve Ciara’s stolen money before anything bad happens to Hunter.

Will Mel and Phil be able to put their differences behind them?

Kathy shows Phil the necklace thier son Ben gave her just before he left ©BBC

Let’s not forget Phil has never forgiven Mel for fleeing to Portugal following Steve Owen’s drug smuggling escapades, and costing him a whopping £30,000 in the process, for the bail money he stumped up!

Can Mel and Phil protect their kids before it's too late or are Hunter and Ben about to find themselves in terrible danger?

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