TWISTED REVENGE! Adam messes with Billy’s medication YIKES!

Coronation Street

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Adam Barlow is determined to make the killer vicar suffer slowly

Vicar Billy has already been through one almighty ordeal. While everybody else was pulling Christmas crackers and tucking into their turkey, he was dangling off the edge of a cliff in the boot of a car and fearing for his life.

Now, following his near-death ordeal at the hands of Peter Barlow, who discovered Billy was responsible for his sister Susan Barlow's fatal hit and run, Billy’s out of hospital but in a wheelchair.

Next week sees him battling crippling pain and fearing he may never walk again.

But Billy’s suffering is Adam’s joy. The sly Scot, who secretly knows that the vicar wiped out his mum Susan, is pleased to see his nemesis struggling and in agony.

When Billy suddenly collapses on the floor of the community centre, Adam helps him back into his wheelchair and tells him he can get him some stronger painkillers. However, beneath his seemingly kind actions lies a cruel and twisted plan.

Coronation Street
Adam is on hand to help but has got a hidden agenda ©ITV

Instead of getting Billy stronger medication, Adam sneakily swaps the painkillers for paracetamol.

Billy grows increasingly frustrated that the pills don’t seem to be working and in desperation starts knocking back more and more.

Meanwhile he’s got other pressing issues to deal with when Summer returns to Weatherfield but there’s no sign of Todd who was supposed to be looking after her. When Summer informs Billy and Eileen that Todd has gone on the run from the police, the pair are immediately worried.

Coronation Street
Summer returns to Weatherfiled without Todd ©ITV

As Billy struggles to look after Summer alone, once again he resorts to self-medicating as a gleeful Adam, who is still pretending to be his little helper, watches on pleased to see his plan slowly coming together.

Coronation Street
Billy worries about how he's going to cope ©ITV

As Billy continues to up his dosage it’s clear this is the start of a serious addiction, oh and let’s not forget the clergyman’s brother, Lee, is a drug-dealer!

What has Adam started and how much further is he going to push his payback plans to destroy Billy’s life?

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