Robbie and Donna FINALLY get it on in EastEnders… sort of!


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Aaaw… after many false-starts Robbie and Donna pucker up for a kiss

Could it be the start of a beautiful new market romance? Robbie and Donna have so far been like star-crossed lovers… it’s obvious they both fancy each other but they’re both too proud to make the first move. However that’s about to change….halleluiah!

The week doesn’t get off to a good start when Robbie is annoyed with cheeky stallholder Donna and takes her to task for always making him the butt of her jokes. Well…let’s be honest, quite often Robbie you make yourself a pretty easy target. Just saying!

However, Whitney, who’s noticed the spark between the stubborn pair, decides a little matchmaking could be in order and she naughtily decides to lock the duo in The Vic’s kitchens.

Later in the week Donna helps Robbie tackle his very annoying boss! ©BBC

Sure enough, with no escape the pair are forced to finally have a proper conversation…without the usual smattering of jokes or misunderstandings.

A worried Robbie opens up to Donna about the fact the Walford Market is secretly under threat of closure (Yawn.. that’s hardly a romantic chat up line)… however, when Donna proves to be a good listener and offers to help Rob prepare for an important meeting with his boss, the pair begin to properly bond.

Robbie and Donna are just about to kiss... ©BBC

Before you know it, they’re getting closer and leaning in for a kiss. But oh dear…what terrible timing. Cupid Whit turns up just as they’re about to lock lips! We thought she was supposed to be bringing them together, not barging in just when things are getting juicy?!

Cupid Whitney barges in at just the wrong moment! ©BBC

However it looks as if all is not lost. Later in the week, and with both of them still worried about the plight of the market, Dobbie (that’s Robbie and Donna…keep up) arrange to go out for a drink.

Donna is looking forward to the date and gets all dressed up. She even enlists Kim to do her hair, although we’re not so sure that’s actually a GOOD thing, given Kim’s slightly “bold” / atrocious take on styling and fashion.

As Donna bowls up for the date, is a night of romance on the cards for her and the Robster…..or dare we say it, are things set to go awry….again?

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