REJOICE! Has broke EastEnder Karen finally bagged herself a job?


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The cash-strapped Taylor mum is delighted when she thinks she’s landed a new job, but should she be celebrating just yet?

Broke mum Karenis full of optimism when she spots an advert at the launderette for an assistant position and is convinced the role’s got her name on it! Which is just as well because next week things get worse for the struggling family when their electricity is cut off. Oh dear.

Daughter Bernadette is worried when her mum shows her her purse is well and truly coin-free....

Karen is stoney broke and struggling ©BBC

And son Keegan’s not impressed when he realises he’s got no hot water for his shower….but on the bright side he gets to parade his finely-honed pecs infront of us all, so every cloud and all that!

Keegan's not happy to discover there's no hot water ©BBC

So will be Karen be in luck when she heads off to throw her hat into the ring for the job that used to be Dot’s?

Karen has a run in with a smartly-dressed stranger ©BBC

Errr...not exactly. It’s fair to say things get off to a dismal and unfortunate start when the mouthy mum manages to offend launderette owner’s son, Mr Papadopoulos Jnr before even GETTING to the interview. Well, we have to say, politeness and tact have never been her strong points.

She rips off the job ad....she doesn't want any competition! ©BBC

Her face well and truly falls when she later turns up, dressed in her smartest attire keen to impress her potential new boss, only to realise it’s the very man she had a run in with earlier. Unlucky!

Karen's ready to impress at her interview ©BBC

Naturally Mr Papadopoulos Jnr is not too bowled over when he comes face to face with the gobby mum once again, but Karen is on a mission and does her best to claw back the embarrassing situation by making an impassioned speech about how much she needs the work and what a hard worker she’ll be.

Will Mr Papadopoulos forgive her for her previous outburst ©BBC

She leaves the interview convinced she’s got it in the bag but is gutted when her kids later inform her that the job is still being advertised.

When she contacts Mr P and learns he’s still seeing other potential candidates she's simmering but things get even more deflating when she makes her way over to the launderette only to find another local there who’s keen to bag the job. Who is her competition and can Karen outshine them?

As the two candidates go head to head to impress their potential new boss will Karen be victorious or is she headed for another depressing rejection. Come on Karen….we’re all rooting for you!

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