Wait a minute, does Fi Browning fancy Mick Carter as well??

Mick Carter and Fi Browning

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Has EastEnders favourite landlord Mick Carter got ANOTHER admirer? Fans definitely think so

Whitney Dean may have only just left a few weeks ago, but EastEnders fans think Mick Carter already has another admirer. Eagled-eyed viewers couldn't help notice that new freeholder, Fi Browning, was getting a little bit touchy-feely with the married pub landlord in episodes that aired last week, even feeding him at one point! Some have even predicted a full-blown affair between the two!

Mick Carter and Fi Browning
Has Fi got her eye on Mick? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Viewers know that Mick's wife, Linda, is currently away looking after her mum. Mick's already been tempted into straying by Whitney, but would he really cheat with Fi?

One fan asked took to Twitter to say: "Mick surely don't like Fi now...I mean what about Whitney?" More, to the point, what about Linda? You know, his wife!

We all know that Mick - played by Danny Dyer - is pretty irresistable, but we think Linda will have more than a little something to say about the amount of female attention Mick's been getting while she's been away.

Fans are already predicting a big bust-up between Linda and Fi. Will the blondes clash over Fi's flirting with Mick?

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