Well who saw THAT coming? Nasty Keegan was just revealed as Karen Taylor’s son!

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EastEnders fans were shocked when it was revealed that Keegan Baker is Karen Taylors son

So it looks like teen tearaway Keegan Baker will be on our screens for the forseeable future as it's just been revealed he's the son of Karen Taylor! The Taylors arrived in tonight's episode and - judging by the Taylors first moments in Walford - it's no surprise that Keegan is a bit of a nightmare. So that will be nice for Louise, having the person who (possibly) sexually assaulted her while she was drunk, living on the same square.

Keegan Louise EastEnders
Keegan has been causing trouble for Louise (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Zack Morris, who plays Keegan has said he's pleased about becoming a permanant fixture in Albert Square - and has teased we might get to know a bit more about his character.

He said: "There’s a lot that I’ve been filming and coming up that will show more to him. The audience will get why he’s the way he is, and will get to see what’s going on behind closed doors. You may feel sorry for him or at least understand why he is the way he is."

Hmm...we think it will take A LOT of convincing before we start to feel sorry for him!

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