Hang on, is EastEnders lining up an affair for Steven and ABI??

Abi Steven Eastenders

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EastEnders fans seem to think Abi Branning is going to make a move on her sister's boyfriend!

EastEnders fans have got a new theory about Abi Branning and it involves her betraying her sister, Lauren, by making a move on Steven Beale. Steven and Lauren have been in a realtionship since returning to Walford last year. Saying that, it's not exactly a happy relationship. Lauren fancies her boss, Josh, and recently aborted Steven's baby. Abi's secretly seething about Lauren's 'perfect' life and is out to spoil it for her. She's such a doll.

Abi Steven Eastenders
Steven doesn't look too keen (credit: BBC) ©BBC

This week, Abi rocked up at the Beale's knowing full well that Lauren was at work and fans went into overdrive, wondering what this could mean.

Abi then said she needed Lauren's help designing an invite for her 21st, but decided Steven could help instead.

Abi Steven Eastenders
Abi is not a happy bunny (credit: BBC) ©BBC

She then spent the whole time banging on about how clever and talented Steven is (yep, cringe) and she even said they'd make the perfect couple. yuk, yuk, yuk.

Luckily (for us) Steven just laughed it off, leaving Abi visibly annoyed. But that wasn't to deter the fans, some even suggesting that Abi will become preggers with Steven's baby. The DRAMA OF IT ALL!

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