EastEnders: Bex Fowler and Shakil Kazemi sleep together – this is what next happens next…

Shakil was left fuming after they sealed the deal


by Hannah Mellin |
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The two EastEnders teens, who have been debating losing their virginity to each other for a while and decided to wait until they were both ready, finally slept together in tonight's episode. However, Shakil was left devastated when the closing scene saw Bex's best friend Louise Mitchell begging for all the inside details.

Insisting that she didn't want to 'kiss and tell', Bex finally managed to bat her friend away - but not before Shakil got the wrong idea and got the impression that the two girl were mocking his performance.


Earlier on in the episode, we watched Shakil as he hid himself away to watch porn to get some tips but was caught by Kush who thought he was pretending to be sick to stay at home and watch it. Understandably anxious about the whole thing, could Shakil turn on Bex after the misunderstanding?

Will Shakil be able to take the supposed rejection?

Next week's episodes of EastEnders will see this storyline grow even furthur, with even the possiblityof a 'revenge porn' storyline...

We will see Bex eventually confiding in Stacey, who then reveals her worries to Bex's protective dad Martin.

Get ready to an ALMIGHTY showdown between Martin and Shakil, eeeeek!....

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