EastEnders: Denise Fox will put her baby up for adoption

Denise had made her mind up

Denise Fox eastenders

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EastEnders Denise Fox, played by Diane Farish, has made the hard decision to put her child up for adoption, revealing her reasons to a

heartbroken and stunned Patrick Truman.

Denise has been shunning her pregnancy for a while, refusing gifts for her unborn baby and snapping when try to talk to her about her pregnancy.

The 47-year-old made her reasons clear - that she feels unable to bring a child into a loving home and wants to give her child to a family who really wants one instead of trying to steer her life down a path she's unsure of.

Begging Patrick for forgiveness after he presented her with a rocking horse he'd made, Denise, who has already got two daughters Libby and Chelsea, cried:

"I can’t accept that, you don’t understand, because I’m putting the baby up for adoption.

"I knew I didn’t want this baby from the start. I’ve been meeting with social services, everything’s in motion."

She continued:"I am a good mum.

"I’ve dedicated myself to it for years, it’s all I know but I want to know more. Be more. I want to fulfil my potential.

"If I thought there was another way I could have the life that I want to have. I’ve been the woman who puts her kids first, for years and I can’t do it anymore.

"I want a career, I want success. Maybe but I can’t. I’m talking about changing my whole life, going on a different path you know at my age, it’s massive and it’s going to be a struggle and I can’t wait."

EastEnders viewers praised the star's performance and the writers for how they 'beautifully crafted' such an important storyline.

In August, viewers found out that Denise was expecting a baby, the result of a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell earlier this year. After googling her symptoms she thought she had cancer but later discovered she was carrying a baby and she didn’t seem ecstatic about the news - especially as she was struggling with her feelings with Kush Kazemi, who she deeped down hoped could also be the father.

Denise Fox eastenders

Will Denise be able to go through with the adpotion process? Or will Phil Mitchell find out he's fathered another child and do something about it?

Let us know what you think over on Facebook and Twitter (@CloserOnline).

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