Coronation Street: Todd Grimshaw torn over police confession following Kylie Platt murder


Kylie Platt Coronation Street

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It looks like the Platt’s family secret will finally be unearthed soon as Sarah Platt finally caves in and tells Todd that Kylie DID kill Callum Logan.

Todd has a massive decision to make…

Todd is left shocked as he was convinced that Sarah or David was the one behind the shocking crime.

And to make things a little more dramatic, the dark secret will come to light just as the street gather for Kylie’s funeral.

Kylie is now unable to defend herself for her crime, as viewers watched in horror recently as she died after being stabbed in a shock fight.

Kylie Platt Coronation Street

Todd has got a huge decision to make, especially as David begs him not to go to the police for the sake of Max and Lily.

Kylie Platt Coronation Street

However, Todd tells Sarah that he refuses to make any promises.

Tina O'Brien, who plays Sarah, told Radio Times all about the dramatic week ahead for the Platts:

“He follows David and Sarah to the house after the funeral and he just won’t stop getting at David, accusing him of killing Callum and telling him that Jason left town because he believed his father was a murderer.

“Sarah is worried what this might do to David and she knows that he would never betray Kylie or tell Todd the truth. Sarah can’t take it and, in blind panic, blurts out the truth.”

After revealing all to Callum, Tina then adds that she’s not sure that her on-screen family can take any more grief:

“She probably also panics that Todd will go to the police and land them all in it.

“Sarah knows that the family wouldn’t be able to take any more blows.”

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Will Kylie’s secret play havoc with Todd’s conscience? Or will he have no qualms about going straight to the police?

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