Corrie’s Tina O’Brien teases what’s in store for Sarah Platt and Gary Windass as their relationship crumbles on-screen


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Tina O'Brien teases what's in store for Sarah Platt and Gary Windass as their relationship starts to crumble on Coronation Street.

Tina, 34, has played Sarah Platt on Corrie for 11 years in total, so there's no-one better placed to tell us what on EARTH is going on inside Sarah's head at the moment.

Whilst she's been trying to get over the trauma of her teenage daughter being drawn into a paedophile sex ring, her boyfriend Gary has been off to Ukraine doing dodgy dealings.

Corrie fans have been rooting for these two (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

Tina explained what's next for the couple...

How does Sarah feel about Gary working abroad?

At first she wasn't worried, it wasn't ideal after everything she was going through with Bethany, and Sarah would rather have had Gary by her side, but she accepted they needed the money. Gary had got into a mess at work and they're hoping to get a place together so it was sort of needs must. But when she discovered what the job really entails, and how high the stakes are, she was horrified and begged Gary not to go. When he refused to stay Sarah was devastated and said that was it for them. But while he's been away she's not been able to switch off her feelings, she just wants to know he's safe.

Is she desperate for them to have their own place and be a proper family?

There's a lot of people crammed into the Platts so it would be nice! Sarah and Gary's relationship has been going from strength to strength so it seemed like the natural next move, especially after everything Bethany has been through. Sarah is determined to give her children a stable family life, a home of their own, but now she's questioning everything.

Does she have any idea how risky it all is?

She didn't till she found the letters and Sarah was horrified, to her no amount of money is worth the risk and the worry he's putting them all through.

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How does Sarah feel when Gary suddenly walks into the support group?

She's feeling really nervous at the group session, especially as everyone else seems to be with their partners, so when Gary walks in she's really caught off guard. She's quite frosty with him at first but as she opens up about what happened to Bethany she allows him to comfort her, she needs his support. Then as he talks about how he feels about her she realises she doesn't want to be without him.

How would Sarah feel if she knew Gary was badly injured from his time away?

She'd be devastated, she said it was over when he left but she can't just stop loving him. She's been worried sick, jumping every time the phone rings, checking in with Izzy, she just needs to know that he's safe. So when he says he's going to return for another job Sarah's gobsmacked, she can't accept his decision to go back and it puts a real strain on their relationship.

When he pushes her away, does it put further strain on their relationship? Can they get back on track?

Sarah's really disappointed when he pulls away from her but he makes an excuse about needing to spend some time with Jake and she accepts that, although she's a bit gutted he's turned her down haha. As the days go on his behaviour is a bit strange and Sarah's confused but she tries to brush it off as she doesn't want to spoil the time they have together.

Gary turns up at the support group to help Sarah and Bethany (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

How is Sarah feeling in general at this point after everything that has gone on with Bethany? Is the support group helping?

She's still struggling with what happened, she'd do anything to take the pain away for Bethany and while she's tried to bottle her feelings to be strong for Bethany she does partly blame herself, she feels she should have done more, that she should have seen more.

After everything that has happened, how devastated would she be if things fell apart with Gary?

She'd be gutted, she's been through a lot over the last few years and come out fighting and her relationship with Gary is one positive that comes from it all. He's been there for her when she's needed him and I do think they genuinely love each other.

Would you be sad if Mikey wasn't your work husband anymore?

Yes I would, I love working with Mikey. I've always been really lucky with all my onscreen partners and Mikey has been a great addition to the Platts.

Did the Platts all need a big holiday after filming some of the more dramatic scenes?

We certainly did but it's never a quiet life for the Platts and now as well as Sarah's troubles with Gary we've got Shona thrown in the mix and David's feelings for her bubbling under so I think there's still a lot more drama to come this year.

We literally cannot WAIT to see what drama lies in store for the Platts - and to see whether it's true that Gary will get someone else on the street pregnant...

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