Dark days ahead for Chesney as he struggles to cope with life after the attack…


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Coronation Street's Sam Aston has spoken out about Chesney's issues with his mental health following being attacked in the bistro - and what lies in store for him and Sinead...

Soap bosses are never ones to shy away from tackling big issues.

Only recently, Coronation Street have had some pretty major shockers - like Michelle Connor's miscarriage heartbreak and Rita's potential battle with dementia coming up.

But one topic that even they tiptoe around is the issue of mental health issues - something that is becoming more prevalent.

Chesney suffered a panic attack on his first day back at work (Credit: ITV Pictures) ©ITV Pictures

As Corrie viewers have seen over the past few weeks, Chesney has become more and more introverted since the attack.

Sadly, things will get worse before they get better for the young lad, and we will see poor Chesney suffering from completely debilitating panic attacks.

Even though Chesney himself recognises the situation, he can't bring himself to admit what is going on to his family.

WATCH: Chesney has a panic attack on his first day back at work - Coronation Street

Sam explained why Chesney couldn't open up to those closest to him: "Firstly because he is male and a lot of guys are more secretive about health issues and their emotions, even if it is with the person that is closest to them. Secondly he is embarrassed by it, he is questioning why he is getting like this."

But he can't keep it from them for long: "Fiz and Sinead definitely know that something is not right because he keeps making excuses like he asks Sinead to go and get Hope and Ruby for him. Together, Chesney's sister and his girlfriend, the people that know him best, know something is up."

Sam, who has played Chesney on the soap for 14 years, then revealed what was going on in Chesney's head: "The first time Chesney looks outside he has this overwhelming feeling building up.

"The kids are just being kids but it's all getting on top of him. He can't face the outside world because he is worried that something bad will happen.

"Chesney shrugs it off like it is nothing and to get himself out of it, he chucks himself in at the deep end.

"He plays it on, saying the doctor has told him he needs to relax but then when Fiz and Sinead don't give him an inch he says he will take Ruby and Hope out later. Afterwards he is thinking, 'What have I signed myself up for?'"

Things are only going to get worse for Chesney (Credit: ITV Pictures) ©ITV Pictures

Even worse, Chesney leaves the two little girls on the bus: "He doesn't realise. He has a panic attack on the bus where he just has to get off. The doors won't open so he is kicking and banging the doors to get them open.

"When they do open, he sprints off in any direction, he doesn't even know where he is going. It's not until it all starts coming back to him that he realises. When he has the panic attack he is not aware of much at all."

He's then found in the allotment: "Very fragile, he's severely embarrassed and feels terrible about what's happened he is all for family and trying to be a good parent and he has left his nieces on the bus where anything could have happened and it would have all fallen on his shoulders.

"Tyrone tells him to get on with it but he doesn't think that he can."

He leaves the two little girls on the bus (Credit: ITV Pictures) ©ITV Pictures

Sam, 24, then went on to say how he prepared for the role: "It has been tough because when I did the research, from what I read and from talking to people, it affects different people in different ways but as an actor you want to do it justice.

"I had a lot of help. I tried to read and learn as much as I could about it, speaking to directors and speaking to cast mates who have friends who have experienced panic attacks. I also spoke to Mikey North about when Gary had Post Traumatic Stress and he was really helpful.

"It has been really challenging but in a good way, I have really enjoyed it. I've found it invigorating, especially as I've never done a story like this in my fourteen years of been here, it's been amazing."

The actor, who recently got engaged, then shockingly admitted that he doesn't see a future for Chesney and Sinead.

He said: "Yes I do but for how long, I don't know. It's a strange relationship; because Chesney is in such a bad state at the moment, Sinead does feel like she needs to be there for him now, at a time he needs her the most. They do love each other but when the dust settles, you never know.

"I think she is right for Chesney at the moment, but maybe long term I don't think she is the right person for him."

Now THAT'S a shocker.

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