Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt to plead GUILTY to Callum’s murder?!

Corrie fans, how far will David Platt go to protect Kylie and the kids?

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As loyal viewers will already know, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) murdered Callum Logan (Sean Ward) during that now infamous Corrie Live episode.

All it took was one swing of a heavy metal wrench, and her evil drug-dealing ex-boyfriend was no more.

Her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) helped her to stash the body underneath his mum’s granny flat, but, as soap fans all know, murders don’t tend to stay secret for very long in Weatherfield…

And now, at last, police have found Callum’s rotting body - and they’re set to arrest ALL of the Platts as a result.

But, while we know that Kylie was the killer, the detectives genuinely have no idea which Platt bumped off the drug-dealer.

And it seems as if they could be about to put the wrong person behind bars.


Speaking to What’s On TV, Jack P Shepherd said: "David really thought Callum’s body would never be discovered and that they’d got away with it, scot free.

“There are some scenes when you see him panicking, but he has to keep it to himself. Kylie and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) are falling apart, so he has to stay strong.

“All the Platts are suspects and, initially, we all get arrested because we were all in the house. The pressure starts to get to David, but he still thinks they’ll get away with it somehow…”

Adding that David’s keen to protect Kylie and the kids, Jack continued: “He’d let anyone else go down for it. It would be painful if Sarah went down for it, but he wouldn’t be bothered as long as Kylie and the kids were OK.”

He then went on to tease that the Corrie badboy may even stick his own neck on the line for Kylie, saying: “He’d even take the rap for Kylie if he had to.”


It’s not the first time that Jack has hinted at plans to leave the soap.

Earlier this year, he revealed that he had decided to try something different by taking on the starring role in a new short film.

And, when asked if it had inspired him to quit the cobbles after 16 years, he kept his answer refreshingly honest.

“Obviously, if something came about and it was too good an offer to turn down, then of course I would want to do it.

“And there are a lot of people who are going off to do something else while not leaving the show. They’re coming back. So, that’s an idea.”

The dad-of-three finished: “I have loved being at Corrie, but doing this film with Ben has opened my eyes.

“It’s been entered into film festivals, so if it does well, we could be at the Oscars.”

And, before the live episode aired last year, he admitted: “My contract is up in September, after the live…” before dwindling off.

When asked if he would negotiate a longer contract, the actor confusedly added: “I think so.”

However we already know that Paula Lane - who plays Kylie - is definitely leaving the soap soon, as she’s pregnant with her and Tom Shaw’s second baby.

She wrote on Twitter: “So it's official, I can now confirm I'm leaving Coronation Street this summer after a wonderful 5 years.

“It's time to fly the nest…”

We assumed this meant that Kylie would be going down for murder.

But could it be that David will take the rap and Kylie, unable to handle the guilt, flees the country with her two children?

Or could the couple be set to go on the run together?

We guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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