SECRET LAP DANCER! Corrie’s Bethany prepares for her controversial new job

Coronation Street

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Craig grows suspicious as Bethany becomes increasingly secretive

It was revealed last year that Bethany was to embark on a new job as a lap dancer and next week sees the troubled teen setting the wheels in motion.

Sarah’s teenage daughter, who was subjected to a harrowing grooming ordeal at the hands of sinister Nathan Curtis, has decided to take a job in a strip club as a way of empowering herself and taking control of her own body.

However no-one knows about her decision and next week her boyfriend Craig, becomes increasingly suspicions about Bethany’s odd behaviour.

Beth’s smitten son is bemused when he’s invited round to Bethany’s and rocks up to find her wearing a sexy outfit which she hastily gets out of and exchanges for a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Confusing!

Meanwhile, he’s left scratching his head when Bethany pulls out of attending Chesney and Sinead’s wedding at the very last minute and breaks the news that she has to work at her great-gran Audrey’s salon instead. Fair enough if that was true…but it’s a BIG FAT FIB.

Coronation Street
Bethany meets up with lap dancer Sam ©ITV

When a disappointed Craig later sees Audrey closing up, it’s clear Bethany has lied to him and she was never expected at her nan’s at all.

With his suspicions mounting, Craig later discovers Bethany in Roy's Rolls locked in deep conversation with a girl she introduces as Sam.

Coronation Street
When Craig tracks her down, Bethany lies about Sam's real identity ©ITV

Bethany spins Craig a few more lies and pretends that Sam is someone she met via a victim’s forum but when Craig has left, the two girls discuss their secret jobs and how best to hide them from their families. Hhm. Sarah and Gail are going to love this!

Speaking about Bethany’s controversial choice of jobs, actress Lucy Fallon who plays her says, “For Bethany, working in a strip club, it’s a thing to say she has control over those men. They can’t touch her and can’t do anything to her. It’s the way that she’s recovering- whether that’s the right thing is another story.”

So how long will she be able to keep her new job a secret? And is it really the best way for her to deal with all the turmoil she’s been through?

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