OH NO! Is Bethany’s life in danger as Nathan’s trial begins in Corrie?

Coronation Street

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As evil Nathan faces court, he’s determined to keep key witness Bethany away at all costs...

It’s the day of reckoning for evil pimp and groomer Nathan as his trial gets underway and there’s one person who could guarantee he gets a long stretch behind bars and that’s Bethany.

Sarah’s traumatised daughter has been through agony at the hands of the manipulating paedophile who faces charges of rape and conspiracy to commit rape, and now she’s determined to see justice done.

However Nathan has other ideas. He knows Bethany will be the key witness in the prosecution and is determined to keep her away from the courtroom at all costs.

Coronation Street
Mel takes Bethany for a little drive (Caption: ITV) ©ITV

As the trial looms the seedy tanning-salon boss gest his accomplice Mel to do his dirty work for him. When Mel showed up on the cobbles last week she convinced Bethany that she was on her side and wanted to help bring Nathan down, but Sarah and Gail were right to have alarm bells ringing as it it’s clear Mel is still under Nathan’s spell and working to protect him.

Mel has been told by Nathan to do whatever it takes to stop frightened teen Bethany giving evidence in court. “Nathan thinks that if he can get Bethany out of the way he’ll be in the clear”, says Chris Harper who plays the master manipulator.

On the opening day of the court-case, Mel tells Bethany she wants to go the police to give more evidence against Nathan and asks Bethany to go with her for moral support. The hoodwinked teen has no reason to doubt Mel and hops in the car but when Mel pulls up by a railway line Bethany wonders what’s going on.

It’s not long before Mel shows her true colours, and dragging Bethany from the vehicle by her hair she lays into her, pulling her towards the tracks! Is she going to shove the trembling teen onto the line?

Coronation Street
A terrified Bethany is dragged from the car (Caption: ITV) ©ITV

A gloating Nathan is delighted when his trial gets underway and there’s no sign of prosecution witness Bethany. “Her absence is a dream come true for him”, says Chris. “He knows that without Bethany testifying, the case is weak enough for him to wriggle out. As far as he’s concerned the jury will fall for him in the same way as Bethany and Mel did.”

Coronation Street
Will scumbag Nathan be found guilty or not guilty in court? (Caption: ITV) ©ITV

But what exactly has happened to Bethany? There’s panic when her best mate Craig is called out to a fatality on the railway line as part of his police duties, and is devastated to find necklace identical to one worn by Bethany.

What has Mel done to Sarah’s daughter? Is Bethany still alive and will criminal Nathan be found guilty in court or will the conniving conman wriggle out of justice being done and walk away a free man? Noooo! We can't let that happen!...

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