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Ken Barlow Coronation Street

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It's the aftermath of Ken Barlow's attack, and the beginning of Coronation Street's Who Pushed Ken storyline. Here's what else is going down on the street over the next week...

Last night's (Monday 27th March) shock attack on Ken Barlow really got everyone talking, but will he be able to remember what happened to him? And who would want to hurt Ken and leave him for dead? Well, quite a few people as it goes. And most of them are pretty close to home. Could one of Ken's own family really be responsible?

1. Ken can't trust his memory

Ken Barlow Coronation Street
Ken's memory is playing tricks (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Corries Who Pushed Ken Barlow mystery continues to evolve. Ken comes round in hospital and is confused when he can't remember what happened on the night he was attacked. He's shocked when the police inform him what happened and suggest that one of his own family members could be responsible. When Adam reveals he didn't go to Canada at all, Tracy, Peter and Daniel all become even warier of his lies. Later in the week, Ken confesses to Roy that he's scared to return home.

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2. What's Peter hiding?

Peter Barlow Coronation Street
Peter getting hammered again (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Peter tracks down Simon's teacher and asks for his mobile. After failing to hack the code, he smashes it with a hammer and cuts up the SIM card. Simon is gutted when Peter lies that he dropped the phone, but is cheered up when his dad gives him money to buy new one. When he accesses his missed messages, he discovers what Peter was trying to hide - a panicky voicemail from the night of Ken's attack, saying he has messed up and has to go away. Simon begins to wonder if Peter could have been responsible for the attack on Ken. And if the message WASN'T about Ken, then what was Peter so panicky about?

3. Daniel packs a bag

Sinead Tinker Coronation Street
Sinead finds a letter from Daniel (credit: ITV) ©ITV

The police question Daniel about Denise - pointing out that he convincingly lied for six years to cover up her absence. Daniel realises that the police think he killed Denise and has now targeted Ken. On Friday, Daniel lies to Sinead, telling her he's going to Oxford for the day in hope of getting reinstated on the course. But she finds a note from him later and realises he's actually leaving because his family think he tried to kill Ken. Sinead points out that running away will just make him look guilty - but can she convince him to stay?

4. Bethany makes a shocking discovery

Bethany Platt Coronation Street
Bethany questions Mel's relationship with Nathan (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Nathan suggests that Bethany should make a new vlog with Mel. But when she discovers a picture of Mel and Nathan kissing on Mel's laptop, she's furious. She confronts Nathan about his relationship with Mel - how will he react? Later, she admits to Sarah that her relationship could be over. Sarah tells Gary that she's secretly relieved, but doesn't realise Bethany is listening in. Meanwhile, in the tanning salon, Nathan tears a strip off Mel for winding Bethany up.

5. Adam blackmails Rosie

Adam Barlow Rosie Webster Coronation Street
Adam asks Rosie to lie for him (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Adam believes that the police think he was responsible for Ken's attack and lies to the police that he was with his girlfriend, Rosie Webster, on the night in question. Rosie has already refused to give him an alibi but when he threatens to expose her drug smuggling and drag Sally's name through the mud, will she change her mind?

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