Coronation Street Spoilers: Sarah Platt tells Bethany about her internet groomer

But will her words hit home?

Sarah Bethany Platt Coronation Street

by Katy Brent |
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Coronation Street's grooming storyline is set to take another dark turn next week when Sarah Platt tells Bethany about the time she was groomed online by a weirdo. Does Sarah realise how dangerously close to the truth she is when she tells Bethany about what happened? And will Sarah's words make Bethany reconsider her relationship with sexual predator, Nathan?

Sarah Bethany Platt Coronation Street
Sarah tells Bethany about her close escape (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Sarah has been growing more suspicious of the new man in Bethany's life and this is what makes her reveal her ordeal which was a storyline back in 2001. At the time, Sarah met up with Gary, who she met online. He'd made out he was a teenager like her, but was really a sinister predator - a lot like Nathan.

Sarah reacts when Bethany gets cross with her mum for not trusting her judgement. But Sarah stands her ground and insists she wants to meet Nathan to put her mind at rest.

Sarah Bethany Platt Coronation Street
Will Sarah's words hit home with Bethany? (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Bethany relays this to Nathan, but will he agree to meet Bethany's mum - or does he think she'll immediately suss him for what he is?

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