Coronation Street spoilers: Adam Barlow gets Ken involved in a drug deal?

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Adam Barlow Ronan Coronation Street

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Adam Barlow starts next week off in Tracy's bad books - which is a place no one really wants to be. After he distracts Mary and slips £100 from the flower shop till, Tracy complains to Ken that Adam's been dipping into the profits. But then Ken notices that his car has been taken - and there's only one suspect.

Adam Barlow Ronan Coronation Street
Adam isn't looking too clever by the end of the week (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Adam has 'borrowed' the car to pay a visit to Ronan, but is surprised when Trina answers the door. Claiming to be an old friend of Trina's Adam's nerves almost get the better of him as he offers Ronan to make some serious cash by buying the drugs.

When Ken finds out his car has been stolen, he goes off in search of his wayward grandson - and finds much more than he reckoned on.

Adam Barlow Coronation street
Adam and Ronan chat at the Rovers (credit: ITV) ©ITV

It's not long before dangerous drug-dealer Ronan pays Adam a visit at home - leaving Adam looking a bit worse for wear.

Sam Robertson said of Adam's week on the cobbles: "Adam is desperate for cash so he will do whatever it takes, whether that is from a drug-dealer or his grandad or whoever that may be, he will find a way. Adam doesn't think it's anything to do with Ken but Ken gets himself involved in a big way and Adam doesn't like that.

"There is a streak of carelessness about Adam because he feels like his family were never there for him so he has a complex way of looking at family ties."

Sounds like trouble to us.

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