Nadia Essex reveals her baby’s name – a tribute to Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis

Former Celebs Go Dating star Nadia Essex addresses her fears over bringing up a baby during lockdown, and reveals how therapy’s helped her deal with roller coaster emotions

Nadia Essex

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It’s been just four weeks since Nadia Essex gave birth to her first child, and she admits she’s already struggling to remember life before her son entered the world. The 38-year-old TV star is now a proud mum to Ezekiel and is completely consumed with her bundle of joy. She tells us, “I’ve never loved anyone so much. It’s only been a short amount of time, but I feel as though he’s been in my life a lot longer. We’re a team and I can’t imagine life without him now.”

But while she’s overjoyed, the first few weeks of motherhood have been particularly testing for the former Celebs Go Dating presenter. Unable to introduce her newborn to family and friends amid social distancing measures, the star admits this precious time has been different to how she’d imagined. Nadia – who is raising her baby single-handedly and is keen to keep her relations with her baby’s father out of the limelight – explains, “It’s been the craziest time to welcome a baby. While it’s nice to be in our own little bubble, you can’t help but be affected by what’s happening. My mum was only allowed on the ward for ten minutes following his birth, and wasn’t even able to have a cuddle with her grandson. In hospital, I remember the hand sanitiser from my bedside had been stolen – it all felt so surreal. I’ve had little contact with people, which has been tough, but I understand it’s for the best.”

Nadia Essex
Nadia Essex ©Nadia Essex

“We’ve had our routine antenatal appointments and vaccinations cancelled, and I can’t register his birth,” she adds. “It’s taken a bit of adjusting to get used to the changes. I’m trying to avoid leaving the house because my sense of risk feels so heightened. Luckily, friends and neighbours are offering to help with shopping.”

Like any first-time mum, Nadia has experienced a wave of different emotions, but says she’s trying to remain upbeat and adjust to a “new type of normal” amid the pandemic.

She reveals, “It’s hard enough dealing with your emotions, as well as constant nappy changes and aching boobs – but now I’m questioning myself a lot more in light of what’s happening around us. I’m a single mum and I don’t have someone at home who could take care of my baby if I was unwell. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and it does scare me, but I’m trying to be level-headed. I FaceTime friends and family every day, and I’m grateful Ezekiel is blissfully unaware.”

In March last year, Nadia was rocked by the passing of her friend, Love Island star Mike Thalassitis, who sadly took his own life. The pair met on the E4 dating show in 2018, and following his death, Nadia admitted she sought professional help after experiencing suicidal thoughts. Poignantly, she reveals she’s chosen “Michael” as her son’s middle name, in a bid to keep his memory alive.

“Ezekiel means ‘strength’ in Hebrew, and having Michael as his middle name seems fitting,” she explains. “Mike and I were extremely close, and not a day passes where he doesn’t appear in my thoughts. He made a choice that I could have easily made for myself. Including his name is a reminder for me to be grateful for life, and to try to get through each day.”

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Paul Carrick Brunson QUITS

Just days after Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion came to end, love guru Paul Carrick Brunson seemingly revealed he's quit the show after a behind the scenes bust-up with one of the show's 'disrespectful' celebs. We need to know more ASAP.

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Nadia has been praised for speaking candidly about her mental health struggles. She hit the headlines in 2018 when she stepped down from her presenting role on Celebs Go Dating amid a highly publicised court case. In the aftermath, she admits she went through a “downward spiral of depression” and nearly reached breaking point. But she insists having Ezekiel has given her a renewed sense of purpose, and his birth is all the more special because a health condition had left her fearing she might never conceive.

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“When I got pregnant, I knew I had to get everything in order, including my mind. It helped to lift my depression. For my son’s sake, I had to confront everything that was going on inside, because he deserves me at my best. He’s given me strength and focus to get through each day. Without him, I’d feel a lot lonelier. Being a mum gives me something to wake up for and, at the end of each day, I feel like I’ve achieved something.”

Regular counselling has helped her deal with her depression too, and Nadia says she’ll continue with regular check-ups. She says, “The therapy I had during pregnancy helped me enormously. I was a mess during my first session, but by the last one my counsellor said I was a different person. Having someone to talk to about my worries, without fear of repercussion, was the one thing that kept me on the straight and narrow. Therapy forced me to deal with issues I was hiding from – and I’m stronger for it. It’s been life-changing for me.”

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