EXCLUSIVE Megan Barton Hanson: ‘Socially I’m shy, but I love getting naked’

Megan has lifted the lid on her love life

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She’s been shamed for working as a stripper in the past and criticised for making a living on OnlyFans, but since leaving the Love Island villa, Megan Barton Hanson has made it her mission to empower woman sexually.

The 30-year-old model says, “I’ve been sexually confident for as long as I can remember but, as you grow up, you learn that there’s a sense of shame around being a sexually free woman. I remember being slut-shamed when I was just 16. But I love sex so if I am going to be judged for something I love, then so be it! There are so many worse things to enjoy.”

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Megan – who dates both men and women but is currently single – has in the past described herself as “demanding and dominant” in the bedroom. And she says that she finds men can be nervous when getting between the sheets with her.

“Guys can get intimidated, sometimes I can see them nearly shaking, which is a bit of a turn off,” she laughs. “One guy said to me, ‘I was so nervous, I took a bluey [a Viagra pill]!’ Girls are way smoother, or maybe we just hold it together more!”

Megan came out as bisexual after leaving the Love Island villa in 2018, but has since said she identifies as pansexual – having a sexual or romantic attraction towards people of all genders, regardless of their sex or gender identity – adding that, for her, attraction is about connection, not gender.

She explains, “To me, whatever someone identifies with is irrelevant. I couldn’t be sexual with someone just based on looks anymore.”

The star – who previously dated Wes Nelson after meeting on Love Island and has also dated TOWIE’s Demi Sims – has been dating on apps, but says she’s also open to meeting people in real life.

“My last few dates have actually been friends of friends, or people I’ve met while out,” she says. “People often can’t believe that I’m single, but I am stubborn and won’t settle. Sometimes it gets me down. Society tries to make women of my age panic about their body clock but, for me, I can’t settle if there isn’t that spark.”

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Single or not, Megan says masturbation is a big part of her sex life, and she is desperate to break down the taboo.

She says, “I feel passionate about normalising women’s pleasure. I hope we can get to a place where women are proud to say they know their own bodies, which will help us be more confident and communicate what we want during sex with a partner.”

The star makes a full-time living creating content for OnlyFans, something which is thought to have made her a millionaire – and she says she loves it.

“I’ve always loved being a bit of an exhibitionist,” she laughs. “It’s crazy because socially, I’m actually quite shy, but anything to do with getting naked, I love it!”

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