Love Island girls reveal what REALLY happened with Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham’s break-up


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Here are the inside details on the biggest romance of the year...

Love Island 2018 winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham left their fans shocked to the bone last week when Dani announced they'd SPLIT on her Instagram story. As the nation came to terms with love being dead, the pair later revealed they were actually still together, and Dani's message came after they had a 'row'. In fact, Dani has even told Closer that Jack will join the Dyer family on Christmas Day. Yay!

SO, before last night's much-anticipated Love Island: Christmas Reunion, heat Radio's Emily Segal caught up with Laura Anderson, Samira Mighty and Zara McDermott to find out what REALLY happened between Love Island's Romeo and Juliet.

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Speaking to Emily, Laura, who split from Paul Knops earlier this year, said: "No, they’re fine. People break up and get back together all the time, you just don’t know about it."

Samira then added: "I think Dani’s a very dramatic girl. I think they probably just had an argument. They’re both fiery people, they’re both so similar. I swear to God."

Agreeing with Samira, Laura said: "She’ll have made a quick decision."

Zara, who seems very loved-up with Adam Collard at the moment, adding: "She’s very fiery; quite straight-to-the-point. She can be impulsive sometimes." When Emily asked if Dani posted the split announcement on a whim, Zara said: "I’m sure she did, yeah."

Love Island Christmas reunion
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After Dani's dad Danny Dyer revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show that his daughter was very much still in a relationship, Dani took to her Instagram account to write: "Just want to put all comments to bed. All I can say is I’m still 22 trying to get my s--t together and grow into a woman but doing it in the public eye is sometimes hard and scary 😂 but arguments are arguments and I love him. I can only please people who want to be pleased and I am having to learn that opinions are just opinions. Hope everyone can understand that i am just a normal girl 💖'. [sic]"

SWIPE RIGHT: Let's take one last look at this year's HOTTEST Love Island guys...


CLOSER Love Island's sexiest men 2018 slider

Adam Collard1 of 12
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Honourable mention: Adam Collard

Look, we hate ourselves a little bit for saying this but Adam Collard is hubba hubba hot - on the outside at least. Kendall-Rae Knight, Rosie Williamson, Zara McDermott and Darylle Sargeant can't all be wrong.

Alex Miller2 of 12
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Honourable mention: Alex Miller

Alex Miller, or Glasses Alex as he should be known, has a cheeky confidence we find veeeeery attractive. If only he'd gone for our villa favourite Laura instead of Megan he might still be in there.

Josh Denzel3 of 12
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1. Josh Denzel

Sure, Josh Denzel did Georgia 'Loyal' Steel wrong - although we're not sure how much of her hurt we bought, but Josh gives us undeniable...feelings. Sexy feelings.

Jack Fowler4 of 12
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Honourable mention: Jack Fowler

Our heads say no but our pants say yes Yes YES to sexy Jack. He's fling material mind, we wouldn't want to hubby him up.

Jack Fincham5 of 12
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2. Jack Fincham

It's taken us a long time to find him sexy, but his continued cheer and sheer niceness have won Jack Fincham second place.

Frankie Foster6 of 12
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Honourable mention: Frankie Foster

Good hair, good teeth, mediocre chat, Frankie Foster was a solid mid-fielder in the list of sexiest Love Island men.

Charlie Brake7 of 12
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Honourable mention:. Charlie Brake

Charlie Brake made it to the sexiest list because of his frankly enormous wealth. Never forget: £400million. That's more money than Justin Bieber. Probably.

Wes Nelson8 of 12
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4. Wes Nelson

We do NOT want to join the 'do bits' club with Wes Nelson, thank you very much. The way he treated Laura Anderson when Megan Barton Hanson turned his head was very bad. Doing bits with Megs in the day bed literally hours later? It's a no from us.

Dr Alex George9 of 12
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5. Dr Alex George

It is our strongly held belief that Dr Alex George is a sex vacuum. He tried to make chemistry happen with Samira Mighty, Megan, Rosie Williams, Ellie Brown, Charlie Williams and Grace Wardle but got no further than a lunge-and-kiss. Good luck to Alexandra Cane who does actually seem to like him despite his continued rejection of her.

love island Paul Knops10 of 12
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3. Paul Knops

Paul Knops has more than a hint about him of our great, lost, Towie love Ricky Rayment. The only way is sexxah, eh? EH? We'll be here all week.

Josh Mair11 of 12
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Honourable mention: Josh Mair

Josh is tall, dark and his incredible physique makes us wish we'd created this line-up in portrait rather than landscape.

Eyal Booker12 of 12
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Honourable mention: Eyal Booker

We're not sure how Eyal Booker didn't find love on Love Island, he's GORGEOUS. Here's hoping he has better luck on Celebs Go Dating this autumn.

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Speaking about her post, Laura told Emily: "But she put something else up and did you read the caption? It was amazing. She was like ‘I’m just a young girl. This happens all the time. I’m still trying to get to grips with how to live my life and do the right thing.’ It’s so hard."

Samira added: "I think it’s a lot. They’ve just been filming for their show and then they’ve got the Love Island reunion… I think they’ve just booked a holiday to Dubai."

Thank god everything is back to way it should be, just in time for the festivities. Muggy Christmas, Love Islanders!

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