Love Island: the BEST Georgia ‘Loyal’ Steel memes on the Internet

We can't stop laughing

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

If there's one annoying quote that's stuck from this year's Love Island, it's contestant Georgia Steel's infamous statement "I'm loyal"

Over the course of the show - and sometimes several times an episode - viewers have been subjected to listening to Georgia repeatedly state that she's "loyal, babe", because "that's just me, I'm Gee."

And quite frankly, the public have had enough. We just can't take any more of the lies.

As a result, a number of HILARIOUS Georgia 'Loyal' Steel memes have surfaced on social media, mocking Georgia's claim of being loyal, when she has proved that she is in fact, NOT loyal. Note: when she kissed Jack Fowler behind mate Laura Anderson's back, and then lied about it.

And honestly, we can't stop laughing at the memes. They're iconic.

See some of our absolute favourite loyal memes below, and get ready for some MAJOR lolz. Internet, we salute you.

The very best Georgia 'Loyal' Steel memes:


Love Island Georgia Steel meme loyal - heat

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A chicken loyal, we're honestly crying.

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Georgia is the new face of the Royal Mail - oh sorry, we mean Loyal Mail.

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She's even made her debut on Harry Potter, as part of Crabbe and Loyal. LOLZ.

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Step aside Daniel Craig, Georgia Steel is the new main act of Casino Loyale.

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The Loyal Family just keep on expanding, don't they! Also we bow down to the Photoshop skills behind this pic.

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If Georgia was to have a Spotify playlist, it would look something like this...

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ITV tweeted this pic of Love Island's Loyalty Card, which subsequently went viral. Get a Georgia-shaped stamp every time she says the word 'loyal'.

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She was born in York, but made in the Loyal Navy.

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Susan Boyle has had a makeover, and now she's Susan Loyal. OMG.


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