Love Island Amber Gill: ‘I like Paul Knops but he was on the boring side’

Amber GIll

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Amber Gill isn’t afraid to show off her acid tongue as she takes aim at previous Love Island contestants

Before she’s even entered the Love Island villa Amber Gill looks set to ruffle some feathers as she admits she can’t even remember the contestants from previous series and makes a sly dig at Paul Knopswho coupled up with Laura Anderson last year.

Amber, 21, a beauty therapist from Newcastle says, “I quite liked Jack Fowler from last year, he was nice and I like Paul [Knops] but he was more on the boring side. Very nice looking but a bit boring. But those would be the two from the last one, the ones before that I can’t even remember.”

And that wasn’t the only swipe she took at previous islanders saying, “I think I watched the fourth series.”

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Love Island 2019's hottest men1 of 14

Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury's little brother (oh, did he not mention?) Tommy has a bod to kill for and has already won over half the house with his sparkly, sparkly eyes. We predicted he'd enjoy a prosperous reign, but what we didn't see coming was the whole nation falling in actual love with him thanks to his royal treatment of GIRLFRIEND Molly Mae and genuine bromances in the villa.

Love Island 2019's hottest men2 of 14

Ovie Soko

Ding, ding, ding – there's a new hottie in town. Ovie was head and shoulders above the rest of the Casa Amor competition – literally. The 6 foot 7 pro basketball player immediately caught the attention of Anna Vakili and women across the nation with his gorgeous smile, and quite frankly, PERFECT body. Anna has been playing him around in the villa, but he's handled her tantrums admirably and this makes him very, very, sexy.

Love Island 2019's hottest men3 of 14

Greg O'Shea

Just when we thought we'd been introduced to all that 2019's Love Island had to offer, in came three new bombshells just two weeks before the final – among them, charming Irishman Greg O'Shea. A professional Rugby player with a Law Degree who's studying for his solicitors exams, Greg has already won over the villa with "something about him" and his old-fashioned respect for the girls. With Amber currently facing a decision between Greg and Michael, we're team Greg 100%.

Love Island 2019's hottest men4 of 14

Chris Taylor

He may not have had much luck in the villa so far, but we can't help it – we've got a big crush on funny boy Chris. He's got a cool job, hilarious bantz and a face we could definitely fall in love with. We're almost hoping he doesn't get picked, so that we can have him.

Love Island 2019's hottest men5 of 14

Anton Danyluk

Ok, ok, so Anton's been a bit of an idiot over the last week or so by prioritising bantz with the lads over treating his woman Belle with respect. HOWEVER, it's clear he's embarrassed for the mistakes he's made in the house and we predict he'll do his best to make it up to her.

Love Island 2019's hottest men6 of 14

Tom Walker

DUMPED 27/5/19Former champion Michael was (notice the past tense) knocked off the top spot following the arrival of Tom Walker. You know, the model who rates himself "a solid eight" out of ten and says he gets complimented most on his jawline?However after his totally inappropriate comment about Maura Higgins in the hideaway he's dropped down a few pegs and despite his apology we're not sorry about it.

Jordan Hames7 of 14

Jordan Hames

Another male bombshell and model, Jordan seems like a cheeky chappy who even had wonder woman Anna feeling "nervous" on their date. He describes himself as a "lads' lad" who is partial to a bit of "dabbling", and the general consensus is he's got hotter over time.Worth noting that he'd managed to keep Anna's attention even after she coupled up with basic adonis, Ovie Soko.

Love Island 2019's hottest men8 of 14

Danny Wiliams

DUMPED 9/7/19Danny settled in very well to the villa and Yewande Biala's bed, and he's certainly got abs you could cut paper on. HOWEVER when Arabella Chi entered the villa his head was totally turned and instead of being honest about it he withheld a lot of the truth from Yewande and the boys. So sorry Danny but liars fall to the bottom of our list.

Love Island 2019's hottest men9 of 14

Michael Griffiths

DUMPED 21/07/19Right, so we wanted to give Michael the benefit of the doubt mainly because we're shallow and he's pretty hot. But he has handled his recent Amber and Joanna love triangle with all the grace of a landlocked hippo and his constant accusations that everyone ELSE (except him, natch) is "immature" is so un-sexy. There's nothing less attractive than an ego-dented man flustered at getting caught out in the wrong, and this is pretty much all we've seen of Michael over the last week.

Love Island 2019's hottest men10 of 14

Callum MacLeod

DUMPED 7/6/19Our hopes were never too high for Callum, who ended up being the first to leave the villa just days in, but he was pretty easy on the eye.

Love Island 2019's hottest men11 of 14

Sherif Lanre

Booted 11/6/19Sherif has won us over with his heart of gold and his genuine adoration of Anna Vakili. We also actually really liked the shirt.Sadly Sherif made his shock exit on week two after "breaking Love Island rules". RIP Shanna.

Love Island 2019's hottest men12 of 14

Joe Garratt

DUMPED 18/6/19We don't want to be mean – but Joe just comes across as a little unfanciable. And despite catching the eye of current hottest totty Lucie Donlan, he's really coming across as v weird and uncomfortably possessive of someone he's known for just days.

Love Island 2019's hottest men13 of 14

George Rains and Marvin Brooks

DUMPED 9/07/19 and 12/07/19Both lovely looking lads, Marvin and George have been so utterly underwhelming during their time in the villa that we've failed to form any impression of their fanciability. Anyway, they're both gone now, so no surprises there.

Love Island 2019's hottest men14 of 14

Curtis Pritchard

Oh, Curtis. Curtis, Curtis.He started off at the bottom of our list, before swiftly moving up the ranks thanks to his romance with Amy but has no dropped riiiight back down after his unforgivable treatment of her.And with Amy now having been forced to leave after Curtis decided to crack on with her friend right under her nose, we're extremely peeved that he's able to continue enjoying his time in the villa, with no repercussions.

However she does know fellow Geordies, Adam Collard and Ellie Brown who both starred on last year’s show.

She says, “Newcastle’s super small so everybody knows everybody. I haven’t told them [Adam or Ellie] I used to train in the same gym that Adam personal trains in so I know him a little bit. I heard some stories from other people that he’s close too, and I thought well if he can do it then I can.”

Adam Collard

But it also sounds as if Adam is 100% her type, she adds, “Looks wise I like tall, dark and handsome and someone that goes to the gym and works out. I like somebody who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and I want someone that’s funny that’s the main thing for me.

"I’m quite indecisive so I like someone to make all the decisions for me so I haven’t got a choice and I quiet like that. But you can never really prepare yourself for something like this, but I don’t think I’ll be that stressed, because I get on with people dead easy as well.”


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Other than fame and millions of Instagram followers, what is Amber looking for on the show?

She says, “I’m trying not to look for anything because you don’t really know what’s going to happen, so I don’t want to get my hopes up. I just want to go and see what it’s like and have loads of fun and if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t, I’m ok with that as well.

"I feel like people have their opinions anyway,, I’ve got lush circle of friends, lush family and they know who I am, people will just making assumptions about who I am, so you just have to not let it effect you."

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