Love Island EXCLUSIVE: unaired Jessie scene that could have seen Kai KICKED OUT of the villa

Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda have exposed an unaired Jessie Wynter and the secondhand embarrassment is real

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Love Island 2023 will be coming to an almighty end within the next week, and we will officially have a new king and queen of the villa.

As Davide Sanclimentiand Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu prepare to pass the mantle onto the next Love Island supremes, we have been catching up with recently dumped couple.

After receiving the least number of votes and being booted out at the notoriously dramatic beach club, Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda are back on UK soil and took time out of their chaotic post-villa life to offer up some goss.

Chatting on the most recent episode of Closer's Love Island Secrets, Olivia and Maxwell revealed an awkward AF unaired moment which tells us that Jessie Wynter should NEVER be able to announce anything, ever again.

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Maxwell and Olivia ©ITV

When asked how much time they are given to prepare before offering up the always cringey recoupling speeches (not long FYI), Olivia had another story to tell. We would have died of second-hand embarrassment if this scene had aired and it would be totally worth it.

“I don’t know if I can spill it,” the actress grinned before saying three words we love, “Oh, why not?”

Olivia began the tale in a way that countless hilarious but uncomfortable anecdotes begin.

“Jessie, bless her, she kept calling Haris, Kai."

We can't quite comprehend how Jessie could mix up the two contestants. Haris Namani is a 5ft something boxer who doesn't date girls with feet bigger than a size five, and Kai Fagan is a 6ft something PE / science teacher who enjoys talking about the moon and dragons.

Haris and Kai

Along with Tom Clare, Haris and Kai found themselves facing being dumped from the villa within the first two weeks, and it was down to Jessie and her Aussie companion, Aaron Waters, to pick who they wanted to be rid of.

“So she said Kai’s name and then everyone went to hug Kai," Olivia explained and, when the penny dropped, Jessie must have wanted the ground to swallow her whole.

“You thought he was leaving at that point,” Maxwell clarified.

“Yeah, we thought he was leaving,” Olivia continued, “so I went up to her and said, ‘Thank you so much for saving Haris and Tom' because obviously at that time I was between Haris and Tom.”

“And she was like, ‘Oh, I said the wrong name.’”

Sorry, what? She said the WRONG NAME?

This is all very Oscars 2017 when Warren Beatty named La La Land as winner of Best Picture when it was supposed to be Moonlight.

Did we just compare Love Island to the most prestigious cinematic awards ceremony in the world? We sure did.

Olivia and Jessie

"I was like 'Oh, oh no!' What do we do?" Olivia continued.

Why did we not have this truly iconic moment shown on the telly?

Imagine the pure look of panic on Jessie's face followed by the emotional goodbyes to Kai, and Haris' relief at being saved, only for them all to discover it was an error because Jessie couldn't differentiate between two completely different male Islanders.

"That was funny though," Olivia giggled before adding, "Well no, it wasn't funny, but looking back now you have to laugh."

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