Love Island: Joe Garratt exposes disgusting Islanders and EW

Joe has revealed just how close the All Stars cast are and omg

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Over the years we’ve heard a lot of bizarre things about Love Island.

Islanders sleep talking, the girls getting their nails done and an OG contestant getting banned from taking in a photo of her son - and that’s just the All Stars lot.

However Joe Garratt may have topped it because he’s revealed that some Islanders have taken their closeness one step too far and even we can’t defend them.

love island joe garratt villa shocked
joe has spilled the tea on the islanders ©ITV

When we caught up with Joe following his three day stint (bless him), we asked if there was anything disgusting roaming around in the villa - and honestly, we were not prepared for his answer.

“The most disgusting thing in the villa is actually sharing a shower with that many people,” he began.

love island firepit all stars
We didn't realise the All Stars contestants were THAT close ©ITV

“There’s a lot that goes on in those showers and there’s a lot of dirt coming off people and you have to get in the exact same shower.

“And there is a lot of loofahs in there as well… I don’t know whose loofah’s which.

"I didn’t touch the loofah. I’m not touching anyone else’s loofah…  But if people are sharing loofahs that is bad,” he added.

love island callum molly arabella and joe
joe's spilled the tea on his co-stars ©ITV

There’s being friends, there’s sharing a bedroom for five weeks and then there’s sharing loofahs - ew.

Maybe that’s why some of them become BFFs - like Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman. Although they took their friendship one step further when they shared a bath together in the villa…

Speaking of Tom, Joe opened up to heatworld about getting dumped from the villa and let’s just say he’s not happy with Tom.

love island tom clare and molly smith
tom has ruffled joe's feathers ©ITV

“I’ve known Tom in the outside world now for about a year. I knew Casey [O’Gorman] before he went on the show, so me and Tom became close. I’ve been there for him through his breakup [with Samie Elishi] and I’ve been a pretty solid friend to him, the same way I was in the villa...

“When I see him vote for me, he just agreed with Josh. I thought, ‘What a cop out. I’ve been a good friend to you.’ I thought that’s so bad, man. Proper snakey," he said on heat's Under the Duvet.

And if you think Joe talking about the Islanders sharing loofahs is bad, then you’ll probably be appalled when you hear what Demi Jones had to say about how dirty the bathroom was in the villa.

One word: volcano.

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