EXCLUSIVE Love Island: is THIS why Harriett Blackmore and Nicole Samuel were sobbing?

It has nothing to do with Ciaran

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Now that Love Island is back, it's safe to say that summer can officially begin. So far, Love Island 2024 has not disappointed, they've gifted us drama, bombshells, and there have even already been some tears shed.

Ordinarily, this would be virtually unheard of in the first few episodes, as it usually takes about a week before the twists really start hitting. However, the introduction of reality star royalty Joey Essex as the very first bombshell rocked that villa and set the series off to an explosive start.

In the latest episode, Harriett Blackmore was left in tears over Ciaran Davies pulling Nicole Samuel for a chat despite being coupled up with Nicole.

Harriet and Ciaran Love Island
Harriet and Ciaran are currently coupled up ©ITV

However, while many viewers were confused why Harriett was moved to tears considering it is only the third night in the villa, a former Love Island 2019 contestant has weighed in on the drama.

Chris Taylor sat down with Closer to discuss all things Love Island, and he shed some light on the situation.

“The first episode can be a bit dry as toast because everyone is warming up and getting to know each other. It’s a bit of a shock to the system.

love island chris taylor
chris was on love island series five and all stars ©ITV

"You don’t really sleep on the first night because it’s not natural to sleep in a room with 10 other people and you don’t realise that and end up quite sleep deprived. It was nice to get a big drop so soon,” he told us.

When watching Love Island we need to remember that not only are these contestants separated from their friends and family and told to spend 24 hours a day grafting, they are also kept up until the wee hours of the morning filming dumpings and recouplings.

That has got to take its toll on the Islanders and make every situation feel all the more devastating. Maybe we'd cry too, who knows.

Chris Taylor
Chris recently headed back into the villa for All Stars ©HGL/Getty

So yes, while you could argue that Harriett barely knows Ciaran, and in fact it’s so early that even we're struggling to tell him apart from the other lads, you could also say that she’s a 24 year old who has to share a room with about a dozen other people and likely hasn’t had more than a few hours of sleep.

Also, it looks very overcast out there, so she probably can’t even top up her tan.

Let’s hope those Islanders can sleep off the tension and are back to graft another day.

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