New bombshell Trey Norman might just be Love Island’s smartest ever Islander

Let's just say this bombshell knows how to use his brain to win

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Obsessed that Love Island queen Jess White had to go on a date with new bombshell Trey Norman dressed in her dominatrix finest following the Heart Rate Challenge and totally owned it.

Give us all that Jess confidence now, please.

Anyway, new bombshell Trey strutted into the Love Island 2024 villa alongside Jessy Potts and immediately whisked Jess off on a romantic date (well, a romantic date a few feet away from Joey as a mascot for Burger King), and within minutes it clear that there's much more to him than meets the eye (AKA his obvious hotness).

Trey and Jess
Trey and Jess ©©ITV

After revealing that he worked as a Commercial Insurance Broker for a living, Jess – again being all of us – asked what the heck that was and than enquired about whether he was a smart cookie.

And from what we can tell so far, Trey could be the smartest cookie in the biscuit tin. Sorry, Mehdi.

Trey and Jess
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Prior to entering the villa, Trey told producers, "Something that a lot of women like that they wouldn't expect from me but I’m a bit of a geek and academic.

"I’ve got a First Class Economics Degree and have completed my masters as well. I also play chess and was in the chess club at University."

Check, check and check...mate. Get it? Chess banter.

Here's everything you need to know about the villa's new bombshell...

Who is Trey Norman?

Trey is the latest bombshell to enter the Love Island villa. He joined the show on day 23, alongside Jessy Potts.

trey love island
Trey Norman ©ITV

How old is Trey Norman?

He is 24 years old.

Where is Trey Norman from?

Trey is from Doncaster.

What is Trey Norman looking for in a partner?

Trey told producers, "Someone who backs your dreams and ambitions, loyalty is also a big one for me."

Georgia Steel? This could be your moment to out-bombshell Joey Essex.

Trey ©©ITV

Who has Trey Norman got his eye on in the villa?

Well, he took Jess for a date prior to entering the villa and the chemistry was definitely visible. However, prior to joining the show, Trey said, "All the girls are beautiful, I’ve got my eye on all of them."

Does Trey Norman have Instagram?

He sure does. You can follow him at @treynorman0311.

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