Casa Amor’s Blade Siddiqi: his age, his job, and his link to a Celebrity Love Island star

He's a Butler in the Buff IRL

Blade Siddiqi and grace

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Not Love Island sending a scorching hot Butler in the Buff – one that you can potentially keep forever and not just hire for the day – into Casa Amor to turn some heads...

Yep, it's that time of year again; we're halfway through Love Island 2024, which means just as some couples are starting to drop L-bombs and officially close things off, producers bus the girls off to Casa Amor to face temptation in the form of an electrician, a personal trainer, a content creator, a financial advisor, and a real-life Butler in the Buff.

Blade Siddiqi
Blade Siddiqi ©©ITV

Forget how the girls are feeling; we're a thousand miles away from Casa Amor and hunky Blade Siddiqi is making us feel all sorts of, erm, feelings in our living rooms, which makes sense, really, because his job is literally to make humans swoon with his brawn and buffness.

Naturally, when we learned of Blade's profession we had to do a deep dive into his antics as a Butler in the Buff on social media (for solely journalistic reasons, of course) and we were surprised to learn that Blade was recently hired to help celebrate a VERY famous telly queen's birthday.

It turns out that last November, Blade was hired as a birthday surprise for model, actor and former Celebrity Love Island host Kelly Brook live on air while she was recording her radio show for Heart - with Blade, of course, rocking up in his work uniform.

Who is Blade Siddiqi?

Blade is one of the Love Island 2024 Casa Amor bombshells.

How old is Blade Siddiqi?

He is 29 years old.

Where is Blade Siddiqi from?

He is from Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

What does Blade Siddiqi do for a living?

He is a Butler in the Buff, but has dabbled in the fitness industry, which makes sense because he looks like he could lift up a cross trainer with us on it (and we went to three BBQs over the weekend).

Blade ©©ITV

How tall is Blade Siddiqi?

He is 6ft4. Swoon.

Who does Blade Siddiqi have his eye on in Casa Amor?

Prior to meeting the girls face-to-face, he revealed, "There are some great girls in there. The three that have really caught my eye are Uma, Grace and Matilda. They each have their own qualities.

"Matilda she seems really fun, kind, bubbly, she’s come in with great energy, a great figure, great pair of eyes. Straight away she’s getting the nod from me. I like someone who is down-to-earth. In a world where egos are regularly inflated, being down-to-earth is great.

Matilda and Blade
Matilda and Blade ©©ITV

"Uma is absolutely stunning. I love her eyes. She’s got a great figure on her to be honest. I like the way she carries herself, she’s upfront and direct. She’s not afraid to give guys a bit of a run for her money and that’s a turn on in my opinion. We’d bounce off of each other.

Uma and Blade
Uma and Blade ©©ITV

"Grace is stunning; she is the spitting image of my ex-girlfriend. She’s an absolute worldie and seems really caring and considerate. She does her best to keep other people’s feelings in mind and seems like a fun girl and quite mature as well."

Blade and Grace
Blade and Grace ©©ITV

Not Grace looking like his ex, though...

What is Blade Siddiqi looking for in a partner?

Cute response incoming; upon entering the villa, he told producers, "I'm looking to find a girl who would make me want to hang up my bow tie for good." Aww. But also, NOOO.

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