Love Island’s Uma Jammeh: her age, job, type on paper and Instagram

She's the second bombshell of Love Island 2024

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Another day, another Love Island bombshell is entering the villa.

We're on series 11 - aka Love Island 2024 - and the producers are smashing it.

Introducing 12 Islanders instead of the usual 10? We're totally here for it.

Chucking TOWIE's Joey Essexin the villa? Didn't see it coming but we're obsessed.

Joey Essex
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, Joey Essex really is an Islander ©ITV Pictures

Sending Sam Taylor home after 48 hours? Savage but it's giving entertainment.

And now it's come to light that the second bombshell of the series heading into the villa is Uma Jammeh.

Ahead of her arrival, here's everything you need to know...

How old is Uma Jammeh?

Uma is 23 years old.

Where is Uma Jammeh from?

Uma is a Londoner - there's quite a few already in the villa. She's from Islington, North London, to be exact.

love island uma
uma's the second bombshell of love island 2024 ©ITV

What is Uma Jammeh's job?

Before heading into the villa Uma was a VIP host/model. Sounds boujee.

Why is Uma Jammeh on Love Island?

Ahead of her stint she said, "Now is a good time for me, I’m young. I’ve been single for my whole life, it’s about time I’m not single anymore. I’m ready for a boyfriend!

"I feel like I’ve been so unlucky in love! It’s all been underwhelming so far. I don’t know what the reason is, I think it’s them, as it can’t be me!"

What is Uma Jammeh's type?

The 23 year old told producers, "Definitely someone who can make me laugh, who has similar values to mine, and someone who is confident and likes to have fun."

love island 2024 cast
uma will be joining the series 11 Islanders ©ITV

Well, that could literally be any of the boys.

Although when asked which three celebs would she take into the villa she said, "Theo James, I literally love him. Him, him and him!

"Probably the F1 driver Lando Norris, I like his personality, he’s really cheeky and funny. And then Keith Lemon - someone who can make me laugh!"

How has Uma Jammeh described herself?

After hearing what she told producers, she sounds like an absolute hoot.

"All of my friends like to say that I like to have fun and make everyone else have fun too. I’ll bring a positive vibe and happiness," she admitted.

"When people first see me, they usually think I’m going to be horrible, they are always surprised when I’m not! I’ll bring confidence, and I like to think I’m funny."

She then added, "I’m gonna be the funniest girl in the villa!"

What is Uma Jammeh's Instagram?

Fancy following Uma on Instagram? Well you can, her Insta account is @umajammeh.

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