Yoga Go: what is the fitness app and is it free?

Could this app be the new way to work out?


by Samantha Price |

So you've already got your new sports bra, your yoga mat and your meditation cushion and now that you've heard of the Yoga Go app, you're wondering whether you should give it a try.

With Yoga Go having an impressive 4.5 star rating on the App Store and Google Play, it's a fitness tool that's become all the more popular on Facebook.

But what do its users really think about the brand new app?

Is the Yoga Go app free?

The Yoga Go app is free to download, however, once you're taken through your 'Personal Workout Plan' you'll have to pay to have access to the app.

There's different payment plans you can go for, but Yoga Go works out at £12.99 a month with in app-purchases available along the way.

Does the Yoga Go app have a free trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial and the app offers to purchase the training plan right away.

Does Yoga Go help with weight loss?

Whether or not the app helps with weight loss has also been discussed in the reviews, with some reviewers claiming they'd seen a difference after committing to the app.

"I actually saw the slightest bit of weight loss around the belly when I measured, so it's doing something right either alone or in combination," said one reviewer.

"Great way to get back to life. Getting fitter and lost 2kg. Enjoying the workouts," wrote another.

What do reviews say about Yoga Go?

Well, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with one particular review saying, "Using this app has helped me find peace of mind, taught me how to breathe properly, and I now look forward to my workout."

However, some users were critical of the app, with some having technical issues and others finding the videos too advanced, with no option to rewind or pause videos.

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One customer said, "Nothing relaxing about this experience. The movements are too quick, the volume is loud and if you somehow tab your phone that makes you go out of the app, the workout is not saved and you have to start over. I regret buying a year..."

Is Yoga Go worth it?

Well, you can always se for yourself and it really depends what you want from a yoga app and if you're used to following yoga regimes. But there's plenty of reviews to contend with to help make your decision.

Others were disappointed that the personalised plan they'd filled out at the beginning didn't mean much, as the videos within the app were generic ones offered to all users.

"The promo promised a personalised plan. As great as this app may be, there is nothing like that in there. I expected an organized training plan based on all the questions I answered," complained another.

So, maybe the brand new app isn't so groundbreaking after all...

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Where can I download the Yoga Go app?

However, Yoga Go is available to download on the App Store, and on Google Play. You can also get more information about the app on Yoga-Go.Fit, which is their official website.

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