TOWIE’s Fran Parman shows off face transformation following two stone weight loss

The former star has revealed what surgery she's had on her face

Fran Parman

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TOWIE star Fran Parman has opened up about the impact her weight-loss has had on the shape of her face in a post on Instagram.

She shared a before and after photo to illustrate the difference the had made to her face and included the caption, "My goodness I never realised the difference of shape in my face since I’ve lost weight, you can see my jawline now more compared to the left.

"On that note I just want to thank @vogueaestheticsx for helping my skin stay young through the weight-loss I was really anxious if it was going to sag as I’m getting older and the collagen isn’t there anymore but with her work it’s remaining the same.

"I’m 31 years of age so that’s why I like the help of remaining young, I don’t recommend this for kids so I just want to put that out there before I start getting attacked!

She then opened up about the work she has had done on her face saying, "I’m very open and honest with anything I’ve had done.

"I have profhilo, baby botox and haven’t touched my lips in over a year, but this is why I’m ok with trying this stuff as it’s not surgery it doesn’t stay you have to keep going back for treatments if you like the look, if you don’t it’s ok as it goes after a few months.

"Each to there own, I don’t want any nasty comments about what I have choose to do with my face as it’s my body no one else’s, and to be honest I love my young look and just want anyone else out there that’s thinking about it to go somewhere amazing that they can trust and feel safe!"

Her followers were quick to congratulate her on her transformation. One person commented, "I'm exactly the same with my face! When bigger my face has no jaw 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ and very round. When I lose a large amount of weight completely oval and really defined jaw! No filler either! Xxx."

Another wrote, "I've just read the article in the paper about your weight loss, and can i just say you look absolutely fantastic! Beautiful 😍. In fact you have spurred me on on my weight loss/ fitness journey, as i put on nearly 2 stone after i had covid 2 yrs ago. ❤️. Never mind what other ppl say, you do what makes you happy! X"

This isn't the first time Fran has shared her body transformation. Last year she wowed her fans when she showed off her slender new figure following a major body overhaul.

The reality star flaunted her fab abs and toned physique in a crop top and leggings as she walked her French bulldog in a park in Essex.

Last year, Fran, who is 5ft 4, gained 3st – taking her to 12st – while caring for her elderly grandfather during the first lockdown. Sadly, he has since passed away.

Sharing an Instagram video in May with fans as she stepped on her bathroom scales, the 30-year-old said, “The shock of me getting on the scales hit home very fast and made me realise how unhappy I was. I only thought I was 2st overweight but I was three. But it’s OK, I was kind to myself and believed in myself that I can do this, and I want to share that with you guys that are struggling... You can do it. If I can, anyone can.”

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Fran Parma
Fran was trolled for wearing this dress ©Shutterstock

Fran’s body overhaul began last August after she hit back at trolls who made vicious comments about her weight following a brief appearance on TOWIE, where she wore a tight-fitting white dress.

The reality star said, “No one knew my story, everyone judged and was quick to bring me down just over a dress. It doesn’t matter what size you are, and thank you for all the women who made me believe I was beautiful this size, regardless of the trolls.

“Yes, I’ve lost weight, but that’s because I feel more comfortable as a person.”

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In another Instagram video, Fran revealed she comfort eats. “When I’m sad, I overeat and I’ve now learned that’s my trigger and I won’t go back to doing that... Sometimes you need to have a good sit down with yourself and ask yourself why you’re feeling down, and what can we do to make it better.

“I know it’s easier said than done, but I was so fed up with feeling low that I knew I had to make a change.”

Fran has admitted she’s had an unhealthy relationship with food in the past, and believes she was on the verge of an eating disorder when she was aged around 12.

Fran Parman
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She said, “I got bullied for being overweight. I remember very vividly, I walked in and one of the boys called me ‘fat’ and I was just so heartbroken by it. I was in secondary school, year eight. I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got to lose weight. People think I’m fat…’

“So I stopped eating as much, made sure I was walking to school and made sure I was walking home. Had the scales every day… It kind of got unhealthy. Eventually, I started feeling unwell and shaky – I don’t want to go back to that traumatising state.”

Now happy with her new curves, she added, “I’ve become healthy and I never want to go back to that again. It was a very sad time.”

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